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Minute pdf icon PDF 98 KB

Minute of the meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Locality Committee of 15 August 2017 to be approved.  (Copy attached).



There had been circulated copies of the Minute of the meeting held on 15 August 2017.



AGREED to approve the Minute of the Meeting held on 15 August 2017.



Local Development Plan Main Issues Report pdf icon PDF 135 KB

Presentation by Mr Charles Johnston, SBC Lead Officer Plans and Research.  (Copy attached).


Mr Charles Johnston, Lead Officer Plans and Research, was present at the meetingand gave a briefing on the forthcoming events and workshops relating to the preparation of the new Local Development Plan (LDP).  The timeline for the plan commenced with the publication of the Main Issues Report (MIR) targeted for Spring 2018 and ended with adoption of the LDP in Spring 2021.  The MIR was a front runner to the LDP which in essence sought to identify a range of issues to be addressed including: housing allocation, regenerating town centres, employment land provision, protection of greenspace, promotion of place making and design, wind farms, changes to planning policies and the format/navigation of the LDP.


2.2       A series of public events around the Borders were going to be held with the event in Hawick being held on 3 October in the Heritage Hub.  The day would comprise a drop-in session in the afternoon and a workshop in the evening.  There would also be an extensive publicity campaign to try and reach as many people as possible.  Mr Johnston encouraged people to participate in these events.  He was also happy to meet groups to talk about specific areas.  It was noted that there was draft legislation under consideration to change the planning process as part of a planning review but until this came into force the existing arrangements, including the preparation of a MIR, would continue.  In response to questions, Mr Johnston advised that the Council’s windfarm policy was set out in the Local Plan.     With regard to a national park status Mr Johnston explained that this would be decided at national level by Scottish Ministers.  Ministers would not support national park status if it was solely to prevent wind turbines.   He suggested that windfarm policy and national park status could be discussed in more detail at the drop-in session and workshops.  The Committee then discussed land banking and town centre regeneration.  Mr Johnston clarified that the Council had written to all landowners who had longstanding allocated land for development, requesting an update on progress.  The Committee then discussed town centre regeneration.   With regard to empty commercial premises on the High Street, the Council had no powers to force an absentee landlord to market the premises.   Mr Johnston concluded by advising that the extension of the Borders Railway route had been included in the local plan.  A feasibility study would be carried out in the near future.  The Chairman thanked Mr Johnston for his attendance and interesting presentation. 



NOTED the presentation.




Neighbourhood Small Schemes and Quality of Life pdf icon PDF 165 KB

Consider report by Service Director Neighbourhood Services (Copy attached).

Additional documents:


With reference to paragraph 8 of the Minute of 15 August 2017, there had been circulated a report by Service Director Assets and Infrastructure seeking approval for the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes from the Locality Committee: Installation of red textured road surfacing to the two entrances to Chesters, at one entrance to Denholm and two entrances to Newcastleton; and, refurbishment of Denholm Cemetery Gates. The following Quality of Life Scheme had also been requested for approval: provision of football goal nets for football posts at Weensland Play Area, Hawick.    



(a)        AGREED the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes for implementation:-


            (i)         Install red textured road surfacing to two entrances at

Chesters on the A6088                                                                     £4,384 (ii)       Install red textured road surfacing to the entrance to Denholm

on the A698 from the west                                                              £2,192

(iii)       Install red textured road surfacing to the two entrances to Newcastleton on the B6357;                                                      £4,384

(iv)       Refurbishment of Denholm Cemetery Gates                                £2,434


(b)       AGREED the following new Quality of Life Scheme for implementation:


(i)         Provision of football goal nets for football posts at Weensland

Play Area, Hawick                                                                               £  56


(c)        NOTED:-


(i)         the updates on previously approved Neighbourhood Small Schemes in 2017/18 as detailed in Appendix A to the report; and

(ii)        the updates on previously approved Quality of Life Schemes in 2017/18 as detailed in Appendix B to the report.     




Police Scotland pdf icon PDF 104 KB

Update report by Police Inspector detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Teviot and Liddesdale Area.


there had been circulated a report from Inspector Carol Wood, Police Scotland, updating the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Locality Committee on performance activities and issues in the area during August.  The Ward priorities were Drug Dealing and Misuse, Road Safety, Violent Crime and Antisocial Behaviour.   In summary with regard to the Drug Dealing and Misuse priority there had been three arrests for possession of class B drugs and one arrest for the possession of class A drugs.  Six further incidents had led to further intelligence on various individuals and premises within Hawick.


4.2       In terms of the Road Safety priority, Inspector Wood advised that there had recently been an increase in the number of detections for drink driving in the Scottish Borders, with people being caught in rural locations, having been drinking at a village pub and then choosing to drive home.  Police Scotland’s message was clear - if you are intending driving, do not drink.  The public were also encouraged to report all drink drivers either directly to the police on 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. With regard to parking issues, vehicles continued to receive parking tickets in the 30 minute zone in Hawick High Street, North Bridge Street and O’Connell Street.  During the reporting period there had been seven individual charges for offences such as driving without insurance or licence, careless driving and drink driving. 


4.3       In terms of the Violent Crime priority, there had been a report for robbery following an incident at Millersknowes.  A male had also been arrested for carrying a knife, threatening behaviour and vandalism.  Inspector Wood also advised that a male had also been reported for abduction and serious assault and a 19 and 16 year old male had also been reported for threatening behaviour and threatening police officers.


4.4       With regard to the Antisocial Behaviour priority, there were three fixed penalty notices issued and three police warning given for antisocial behaviour. 


4.5       Inspector Wood went on to advise that there had been a theft at a building supply company based in Burnfoot Industrial Estate.  There had also been three reported break-ins to domestic premises, one theft from a vehicle and theft of equipment from a trader at the Common Haugh.   Inspector Wood highlighted racist incidents and reported that there had been seven incidents where individuals had reported concerns over the actions of others.  These had varied from inappropriate stickers placed on takeaway shop windows, silent political protests and comments made to Eastern European residents.  Where offences had been committed, many of these had been conducted by youths and appropriate education measures were taking place.   The Chairman thanked Inspector Wood for her comprehensive report.



NOTED the report.




Scottish Fire & Rescue Service pdf icon PDF 257 KB

Update report by Russell Bell, Station Commander, detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Teviot and Liddesdale Area.



There had been circulated a report from Station Manager Russell Bell, Hawick Fire Station, presenting service delivery activity in the Teviot and Liddesdale Area for the month of July 2017.  In summary, the report detailed that during the period of the report there had been two accidental house fires, two open fire occurrences, four special service  occurrences and 13 unwanted fire signals.   Mr Bell advised that the Fire Service were also supporting local Members with a number of issues in Burnfoot and Howegate areas.  Mr Bell referred to the Scottish Borders Local Fire and Rescue Plan Review 2014 – 2017 which had now been published.  In summary the Plan reported that over the past five years within the Scottish Borders, the Scottish Fire and Rescue service had responded to 7,538 incidents.  Dwelling fires accounted for 7% of operational activity and had resulted in 96 fire causalities including five fatalities.  Deliberate fires, other than dwellings, accounted for 6% of operational activity.  Special Service, Road Traffic Collision also accounted for 6% or operational activity.  Mr Bell also highlighted that unwanted fire alarm signals had accounted for 59% of operational activity with the period.  Copies of the full Review document were available from Judith Turnbull.



NOTED the report.



Open Questions

Opportunity for members of the public to raise any issues not included on the agenda.



a member of Denholm Community Council asked why the Forum had been renamed to ‘Locality Committee’.  She felt that a ‘Forum’ was more inclusive and the change to a ‘committee’ was not positive.   Secondly, she asked if there was any guidance on how community councils could become involved in the new locality committees; she understood that Cheviot area had already appointed a representative.  The Clerk explained that she was not aware that any appointments had been made.  However, she would ask the Communities and Partnership Manager to advise outwith the meeting.


There was a request for the Committee to support a grant for refurbishment of Langlands Bridge, the surface was uneven and a trip hazard.  Mr Dunlop advised that the structure of the bridge still required to be checked and he would investigate.







Community Council Spotlight

Consider matters of interest to Community Councils.



Mr Kerr, Southdean Community Council, advised that the Community Council had been asked for their comments on the Cliffhope Community Wind Farm scoping.  The scoping was for 46, 200m high wind turbines, which would be one of the highest windfarms in Scotland.  There would also be radar issues and they were interested in the Ministry of Defence’s response to the scoping.   The Community Council were also still pursing with Open Reach the need for superfast fibre or broadband.  Mr Kerr also advised that a representative from the Borders National Park initiative would attend their next meeting.


7.2       Mrs Knight, Burnfoot Community Council, advised that the Burnfoot Carnival had been a success and they were already planning next year’s event.  The Wilton Remembrance Garden project was progressing and the community council were in discussion with the project architect, an update would be provided at the next community council meeting. There had been an issue with access to CCTV and they were in discussion with the police regarding.  Mrs Knight was pleased to report that community notice board would be repaired.


7.3       Mr Turnbull, Hawick Community Council, indicated that the closing date for grants from the Langhope Rig Community Fund was 30 September. Mr Turnbull advised that contact had been made with other community councils in the area regarding the formation of a Borders Railway Support Group.  Mr Turnbull asked if Members would support a grant from the small schemes budget for two ‘Keep Entrance Clear’ signs at Wilton Lodge Park, this was to facilitate clear entrance and exit for emergency vehicles and this was agreed.    With reference to paragraph 10 of the minute of 15 August, the Community Council had invited Amey and Transport Scotland to meet to discuss the feasibility of installing a roundabout at Commercial Road.  Once a date had been confirmed Ward Members would be advised. 


7.4       Mrs Crew, Denholm Community Council, asked that SBC take into consideration that the majority of community councils did not hold meetings in August, therefore deadlines for consultation requests should be extended during this period. Mrs Crew advised that following their recent by-election they still had two vacancies on the community council.   Mrs Crew went on to advise that the Steve Hislop Memorial Run had been a success and £4,000 had been raised for Motor Neurones Disease Scotland.  The Community Council had also held a first aid course and 10 residents had received training.   To conclude Mrs Crew reported that Langhope Rig Community funding was still available.


7.5       Mr Curtis, Hobkirk Community Council, reported that the charge for a burial plot at Hobkirk Churchyard would be £900.  He further advised that there was a possibility that lynx would be introduced in Kielder Forest to tackle the deer problem.  However, farmers were concerned that they would not stay in the vicinity of Kielder but target livestock on farmland instead.  Mr Curtis also advised that the community council were still pursuing the use of the former Hobkirk Primary school building. 



(a)        NOTED the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Date of next Teviot and Liddesdale Area Locality Committees

The next meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Locality Committee is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 at the Lesser Hall, Hawick.


The next meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Locality Committee would be held on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 at 6.30 pm in the Lesser Hall, Town Hall, Hawick.







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