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Mr Kerr, Southdean Community Council, advised that the Community Council had been asked for their comments on the Cliffhope Community Wind Farm scoping.  The scoping was for 46, 200m high wind turbines, which would be one of the highest windfarms in Scotland.  There would also be radar issues and they were interested in the Ministry of Defence’s response to the scoping.   The Community Council were also still pursing with Open Reach the need for superfast fibre or broadband.  Mr Kerr also advised that a representative from the Borders National Park initiative would attend their next meeting.


7.2       Mrs Knight, Burnfoot Community Council, advised that the Burnfoot Carnival had been a success and they were already planning next year’s event.  The Wilton Remembrance Garden project was progressing and the community council were in discussion with the project architect, an update would be provided at the next community council meeting. There had been an issue with access to CCTV and they were in discussion with the police regarding.  Mrs Knight was pleased to report that community notice board would be repaired.


7.3       Mr Turnbull, Hawick Community Council, indicated that the closing date for grants from the Langhope Rig Community Fund was 30 September. Mr Turnbull advised that contact had been made with other community councils in the area regarding the formation of a Borders Railway Support Group.  Mr Turnbull asked if Members would support a grant from the small schemes budget for two ‘Keep Entrance Clear’ signs at Wilton Lodge Park, this was to facilitate clear entrance and exit for emergency vehicles and this was agreed.    With reference to paragraph 10 of the minute of 15 August, the Community Council had invited Amey and Transport Scotland to meet to discuss the feasibility of installing a roundabout at Commercial Road.  Once a date had been confirmed Ward Members would be advised. 


7.4       Mrs Crew, Denholm Community Council, asked that SBC take into consideration that the majority of community councils did not hold meetings in August, therefore deadlines for consultation requests should be extended during this period. Mrs Crew advised that following their recent by-election they still had two vacancies on the community council.   Mrs Crew went on to advise that the Steve Hislop Memorial Run had been a success and £4,000 had been raised for Motor Neurones Disease Scotland.  The Community Council had also held a first aid course and 10 residents had received training.   To conclude Mrs Crew reported that Langhope Rig Community funding was still available.


7.5       Mr Curtis, Hobkirk Community Council, reported that the charge for a burial plot at Hobkirk Churchyard would be £900.  He further advised that there was a possibility that lynx would be introduced in Kielder Forest to tackle the deer problem.  However, farmers were concerned that they would not stay in the vicinity of Kielder but target livestock on farmland instead.  Mr Curtis also advised that the community council were still pursuing the use of the former Hobkirk Primary school building. 



(a)        NOTED the reports;

(b)       AGREED to support a small scheme for two ‘Keep Entrance Clear’ signs at the Wilton Lodge Park. 





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