Register of interests

Councillor James A Fullarton

This register of interests was published on Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016, 11.00 am.

I, Councillor James A Fullarton, a Member of the Scottish Borders Council, give notice that I have set out below against the appropriate categories my registerable interest, as required in terms of the above Regulations, and I have put 'none' where I have no such interest.

1. Current Address:
Councillor's Residence
Lumsdaine Farm
TD14 5UA
2. Gifts and Hospitality
Description of Interest
None apart from declaration
3. Remuneration
Description of Interest
Self Employed Farmer
Director Lumsdaine Renewables
4. Related Undertakings
Description of Interest
Director of Company "Lumsdaine Renewables"
Berwickshire Enterprise Ltd (Director)
5. Contracts
Description of Interest
6. Election Expenses
Description of Interest
7. Houses, Land and Buildings
Description of Interest
Farm & Buildings of Lumsdaine Farm
8. Shares and Securities
Description of Interest
9. Non Financial Interests
Description of Interest
A1 Action Group
Trustee Berwickshire Housing Association
Eyemouth Town Council & Twinning Association
Chirnside Community Centre Committee
EDBA & Trustees Residual Fund
Coldingham Church Board
Community Councils:- Ayton Burnmouth Chirnside Cockburnspath Coldingham Edrom, Allanton & Whitsome Eyemouth Town Council Foulden, Mordington & Lamberton Grantshouse Hutton & Paxton Reston & Auchencrow St. Abbs