Register of interests

Councillor Sandy Scott

This register of interests was published on Tuesday, 24th October, 2017, 3.30 pm.

I, Councillor Sandy Scott, a Member of the Scottish Borders Council, give notice that I have set out below against the appropriate categories my registerable interest, as required in terms of the above Regulations, and I have put 'none' where I have no such interest.

1. Current Address:
Councillor's Residence
2. Gifts and Hospitality
Description of Interest
3. Remuneration
Description of Interest
Remuneration as an SBC Councillor
Farming Partnership in Messrs. A. A. Scott, Dolphinston Farm, Jedburgh, TD8 6RL
State and Private Pensions
4. Related Undertakings
Description of Interest
5. Contracts
Description of Interest
6. Election Expenses
Description of Interest
7. Houses, Land and Buildings
Description of Interest
Dolphinston Farm, including 3 Cottages
Woodlea, Maxton, Melrose
8. Shares and Securities
Description of Interest
Diageo Plc - Shares
Astrazenica - Shares
National Grid - Shares
GlaxoSmithKline - Shares
Unilever Plc - Shares
9. Non Financial Interests
Description of Interest
Member of Scottish Conservatives
Member of Jedforest Fox Hounds - donate £800 per annum.
Member of Jedforest Rugby Football Club
Social Member of Jedburgh Golf Club
Member of Kelso Race Club
Patron of Jedburgh Callant's Festival
Community Councils:-
Crailing, Eckford & Nisbet
Heiton & Roxburgh
Jed Valley
Oxnam Water
St. Boswells Parish