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Update report by Police Inspector detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Teviot and Liddesdale area. (Copy attached).


There had been circulated a report from Inspector Carol Wood, Police Scotland, updating the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Forum on performance activities and issues in the area.  The Ward Plan priorities for Teviot and Liddesdale were highlighted as Drug Dealing and Misuse, Road Safety, Violent Crime and Antisocial Behaviour.  In summary, with regard to the Drug Dealing and Misuse priority, Inspector Wood advised that whilst in custody on another matter a 36 year old male had been found in possession of a class B drug.  A male had been found in possession of a class A drug and charged accordingly. Officers on patrol had stopped a 32 year old male, he was searched and found in be in possession of a Class C drug and was charged with this.  Following a house search in Burnfoot a 24 year old male was found in possession of a class B drug.  This male was also charged with driving under the influence of drugs.  All offences had been reported to the Procurator Fiscal. 


9.2       In terms of the Road Safety Priority, Community Officers continued to give attention to areas where they had received complaints of speeding and inconsiderate driving.  Officer patrolled in identified locations to carry out periodic checks to positively influence driving behaviour.  In certain circumstances, motor vehicles could be seized by Police where there was evidence that the vehicle was being driven carelessly, or off road.  It was essential that complaints about driving behaviour were notified to the police via 101 at the time.    Vehicles continued to receive parking tickets and drivers were warned for parking longer than they should or breaching yellow line restrictions throughout the town.  Whilst on patrol in Newcastleton a 37 year old man was charged for driving without insurance or a licence.  He was reported for these offences and his vehicle was seized.  Officers stopped a vehicle travelling on Buccleuch Road, Hawick.  The driver was charged with a number of driving offences and his vehicle was seized.  Two other drivers were charged for failing to have valid test certificates for their vehicle.  Two fixed penalty tickets were issued for speeding. 


9.3       In respect of the Violent Crime priority, there was one serious assault reported in Hawick during January.  During a family argument a 23 year old male assaulted the 45 year old owner of the property.  As a result the male sustained laceration to his head and required medical attention.  The suspect was detained and subsequently charged with serious assault.  He was kept in custody for his appearance at court the following day. 


9.4       With regard to the Antisocial Behaviour priority, throughout December there were nine recorded police warnings and one fixed penalty ticket given for antisocial behaviour.  A male was arrested in Croft Road, Hawick for breaching an antisocial behaviour order.  He was detained in custody and appeared in court the following day. 


9.5       Inspector Wood went on to highlight other issues during the period.  With regard to Rural Crime whin bushes had been deliberately set alight near Upper Tofts Farmhouse, enquiries continued into this crime.  Monday 13 February 2017 saw the launch of a national campaign highlighting the responsibility of dog walkers when taking their dogs into the countryside.  A number of partners had come together on this campaign which was aimed at raising awareness of the devastating effects of livestock worrying.  Police Scotland’s advice was that dog owners who lived in rural areas or anyone walking and exercising their dogs in the countryside should ensure that their dogs were under control at all times.  They should avoid going into any field where livestock was grazing.  This did not just relate to the physical harm a sheep could come to but also the financial cost to the farmer where livestock was killed or injured.  This was particularly relevant at this time of the year when the fields were full of pregnant ewes.  Farmers and land managers could download signs from the Scottish Outdoor Access Code website to make sure it was clear to dog walkers what areas they should avoid at this time of year.  Dog walkers could also find a lot of practical tips on staying safe with their dog at  Police Scotland would fully investigate any reports of sheep worrying and charge individuals where there was sufficient evidence to do so.  Inspector Wood concluded her report by advising that Police Scotland continued to ask communities to contribute to the Your View Counts consultation.  The online consultation was available on


9.6       In response to questions regarding the deployment of firearms at an incident and an update on the break-in at the motorbike shop, Inspector Wood advised that she has been on leave during the incidents but would investigate and report back to Members. In answer to a question regarding speeding traffic passing horse riders, she advised that specific incidents should be reported and would be investigated, drivers had been charged in the past and she asked that any incident be referred to Police Scotland giving details.



NOTED the report.



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