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Disabled Persons Parking Places - Traffic Regulation Order

Consider report by Chief Officer, Roads proposing to amend The Scottish Borders Council (Disabled Persons Parking Places) Order 2015.  (Copy attached.)


8.1    There had been circulated copies of a report by the Chief Officer Roads advising that the purpose of the report was to amend the Scottish Borders Council (Disabled Persons Parking Places) Order 2015.   The report explained that since the making of the original order in 2015 a number of additional requests had been received, as well as bays which were no longer required and had been removed.  The report detailed the amendments within the Tweeddale area as part of a region-wide Traffic Regulation Order (omitting those which were no longer required since the beginning of consultation).   Mr Gary Haldane, Assistant Engineer – Road Safety and Traffic Management answered Members’ questions.   In regard to the recommendation to remove the most south westerly bay located at South Park West, Peebles,  Mr Aston asked that Members take account of all the email correspondence to them from his wife asking, for the reasons stated, that the bay located at South Park West be not removed.   He asked Members to remember that he was disabled.  


8.2    Councillor Bell advised he was going to leave the table to speak on behalf of those residents who supported the recommendation that the bay be removed.   He advised he would take no part in any vote which might take place following the debate.   Councillor Logan asked that his dissent be recorded in relation to Councillor Bell’s action.    Councillor Bell advised that he had taken legal advice in regard to speaking on behalf of those wishing the bay to be removed in accordance with the recommendations of the Officer.   He explained that when he was elected he had taken the view that one of his responsibilities was to speak for those who did not have a voice.    He had visited the site and formed a view himself, he had spoken to Mr and Mrs Aston who had been friendly and helpful and had also spoken to the objectors who had asked Mr Bell to speak on their behalf.   He was saddened by the different views but advised he had in the past driven a lorry and it was his view that he would not be able to turn a lorry in the area in question and it would be dangerous to reverse out of the area.  He pointed out that the Council refuse department had also indicated the difficulties experienced by their drivers.  In response to a question raised by Councillor Logan, the Assistant Engineer – Road Safety and Traffic Management  advised that Mr and Mrs  Aston had been informed in a letter that if there were any objections to the disabled bay being in place that it might be removed;  clearly provision of the bay had not worked out.  The Neighbourhood Assistant Area Manager advised if the parking bay remained there could also be issues in regard to the provision of winter maintenance along the street which might result in the road not being gritted meaning refuse vehicles would be unable to empty the bins.  



         Councillor Logan, seconded by Councillor Cockburn moved that the disabled parking bay located at South Park West provided for Mr Aston be not removed.


         Councillor Garvie, seconded by Councillor Archibald, as an amendment moved acceptance of the Officer’s recommendations to remove the parking bay located at South Park West.


         On a show of hands, Members voted as follows:-


         Motion                -           2 votes

         Amendment        -           2 votes


         The Chairman exercised his casting vote in favour of the amendment, and accordingly the recommendations contained within the Officer’s report were approved. 



         (a)           APPROVED the amendment of disabled parking places in the Tweeddale Area listed in Appendix A to the report  (as amended by removals) to The Scottish Borders Council (Disabled Persons Parking Places) Order 2015. 


         (b)          AGREED that the area where the parking bay was to be removed at South Park Bay be marked “keep clear”.                                     



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