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Minutes - Tweeddale Area Forum - A72 Action Sub-Committee

Consider the following Minutes.   


There had been circulated copies of the Minutes of Meetings of the A72 Action Sub-Committee held on 6 September and 20 October 2016.   The Chairman of the A72 Action Sub-Committee, Councillor Cockburn thanked members of the Sub-Committee for the work carried out and asked that the recommendations as detailed in the minute of 20 October 2016 be endorsed by the Tweeddale Area Forum.    Members discussed a proposed amendment to the recommendations, submitted by Community Councillor Lewin in the following terms “that the Action Sub-Committee’s future activities should be extended to include the A701 and the A703”, and agreed that although not to be part of the recommendations listed below, that the request be forwarded to the next group or its successors to take forward.   Community Councillor Tatler requested that a further recommendation be added in the following terms “that there be an audit or review of street furniture” and this was unanimously accepted, and added to recommendation (g).



*        AGREED to recommend that:-


          (a)          the Tweeddale  Area Forum, or its successors,  create an action group, in the next Council term, comprising of Councillors (both local and with relevant portfolios), Community Councillors, and other interested parties such as local parliamentarians,  and the group should also take into account how future works on the A72 could benefit business development in Tweeddale, such as cycling tourism; 


         (b)          the replacement of the existing anti-skid surfacing at the approaches to The Nest Roundabout  be considered in future  Road Maintenance Programmes;


          (c)          Officers be asked to investigate the provision for a crossing for cyclists on the Innerleithen Road, Peebles beyond the entrance to the Peebles Hotel Hydro to facilitate a connection with the multi-use path where it came out at Whitestone Park and that meantime, Community Councillor Tatler would liaise with the developers of the Hydro Gardens houses  to ascertain if access could be provided through the estate;


          (d)          Officers explore the possible provision of a traffic  island in the middle of the road where the 30 mph limit was at the west end of Clovenfords to  stop vehicles speeding before leaving the village;


          (e)          Officers recognise the strategic importance of the A72 in light of the volume of traffic it carried when determining Council’s roads budgets;


          (f)           the Tweeddale Area Forum, or its successors, request Officers to provide a further report on the condition of the A72 to be brought to the Area Forum, or its successors, at a future date (to be agreed), and that the report requested indicate whether the spend, or repairs, to the road infrastructure were comparable in any of the following 3 sections of the A72; West of Peebles, East of Peebles, and in Peebles;


          (g)          Officers prepare an audit or review of the signage and street furniture on the A72;


          (h)          the A72 Woodend – Tighnuilt section be given consideration in the Council’s Capital Plan, as budgets allow;


          (i)           the  Area Forum, or its successors, consider and  act on any information that may come from any forthcoming, or future investigations into vehicle collisions and vehicle related accidents on the A72; and


          (j)           Officers investigate the possibility of reducing  the speed limit at the junction of the A72 and the A701.


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