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Care Inspectorate

Update by the Operations Director of SB Cares on Inspections by Care Inspectorate (Copy attached.)


6.1       There had been circulated copies of a report by the Operations Director of SB Cares giving the updated position on the inspection of SB Care services by the Care Inspectorate.  Ms Crombie advised that since the last report to LLP SGG in February 2016, the Care Inspectorate reports on Waverley and Saltgreens Care Homes, and Berwickshire Dementia Day Services had been finalised.  Action plans had been developed by these units to meet all requirements and recommendations and Ms Crombie was able to confirm that all actions had now been implemented. .  SB Cares were in receipt of draft Inspection reports for Care at Home East and Care at Home West and Action Plans were due to be submitted to the Care Inspectorate in response to these reports.  Further Inspections were being carried out in the Learning Disability Day Services.  Victoria Park in Peebles had received their draft report and the Action Plans for the above-mentioned services were as detailed in the Appendices to the report.  One further inspection was currently taking place at the Katharine Elliot Centre, Hawick and this would be reported to the LLP SGG in due course. 


6.2       Ms Crombie clarified a number of points raised by Members.   There was concern that under "Quality of Staffing", the gradings awarded in some reports by the Care Inspectorate had been "3 - Adequate".  Ms Crombie confirmed that recommendations had been implemented and the relevant Action Plans reflected the improvements made.  Members were advised that SB Cares were investing resources into Quality Assurance and it was noted that staff had been involved in this process.  With reference to Victoria Park Day Services, Members were advised that clients and their families were involved in the recruitment and appointment processes for staff.  Ms Crombie explained how this was facilitated whilst ensuring that all HR policies were followed.  Quality of the Environment related to clients' safety and privacy, as well as the physical environment of the building.  By way of further explanation, Members were informed that appropriate infection control measures being in place was  a condition of registration with the Care Inspectorate therefore when the Care Inspectorate upgrade those measures, SB Cares have to review and improve the processes in place within their establishments. This often required both capital investment and effective management of the environment eg now  two sluices were  necessary.


6.3       A discussion followed in respect of care provision generally.  It was noted that the locality of a care home or other housing provision was important to clients and that further development of extra care housing would add to the choice available alongside existing care home provision.  There were other challenges to be met in respect of appropriate accommodation provision for some clients and Ms Crombie advised that these would dealt with on an as and when required basis.  Members were also advised that a review of the Council's Dementia Strategy was about to commence and that the LLP SGG would be updated in due course.




            (a)        NOTED:-


(i)     the significantly improved Care Inspectorate grades achieved for Berwickshire Dementia Day Service;


(ii)    the draft Reports for Home Care East & West and Victoria Park Day Service;


(iii)   the progress being made to deliver the requirements and recommendations set out in appendix 1 to the report;


(iv)   that all actions identified for Saltgreens, Waverley and Berwickshire Dementia Day Service had been implemented to meet all requirements and recommendations; and


(v)    that SB Cares Management would continue to monitor the delivery of agreed action plans and report progress to the LLP SGG on a quarterly basis.


(b)       AGREED that visits to both SB Cares and private Care Homes be arranged for members of the Limited Liability Partnership Strategic Governance Group and that the Operations Director would facilitate visits to SB cares Care Homes and Chief Social Work Officer would facilitate the visits to the private Care Homes.


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