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Eildon Community Fund

Copies attached of Eildon Funding Summary 2020/21, Eildon Funding Table 24 June 2021 and copies of the following applications/assessments:

  • Oxton Memorial Hall
  • Beyond Earlston
  • Melrose RFC
  • Galashiels Academy Pupil Council



Assessments of four applications to the Eildon Community Fund had been circulated, plus a summary of grant funding within Eildon in 2021/22 and the source of that funding. Mr Harrow referred to the summary which showed grant applications awarded, those under assessment and those to be considered by the Area Partnership.  He advised that if the pending applications were approved there would still be a balance of £46,483.21 in the Eildon pot for distribution.  Before giving consideration to the four following applications, Mr Harrow gave a summary of each and confirmed that each met the Community Fund criteria.


7.1     Oxton War Memorial Hall

            The application under consideration was a request for £30,000 to update Oxton War Memorial Hall to create a village hub.  This would result in modernising the current hall and extending the community facilities on offer, with the aim of incorporating a permanent home for the Oxton Community Shop as an anchor tenant. The group aimed to provide a focal point to the town and create a modern community hub.  Money would be used to support the development of the kitchen and toilet facilities, making these spaces accessible for all.  The total expenditure for the project was £469,000.  After consideration the request for £30,000 was approved in full.


7.2       Beyond Earlston

            The application from the Youth Work Services group Beyond Earlston was for a grant of £12,460 to cover the cost of employing a lead Outdoors Youth Worker who would be supported by the existing staff team and volunteers.  This would be a new staffing position that would be for 20 hours per week over 50 weeks.  In the application it was explained that the recruitment of an Outdoors Youth Worker was required as Beyond Earlston did not currently have any staff members with the skills or experience in delivery of physical activity sessions or specific outdoor activities.  The request for £12,460 was approved in full.


7.3       Melrose RFC

            Melrose Rugby Football Club was applying for a grant of £4,000 to appoint a consultant to help support the organisation to develop a Business and Fundraising Plan.  With the support of a consultant the club hoped that the Business and Fundraising Plan would lay out a process for providing a sustainable future which would provide benefit to the local community, both in terms of health and wellbeing and economically.  It was explained that, in 2016, members of Melrose RFC opted to move operational activities to the newly formed Melrose Rugby Limited (MRL).  Melrose RFC however remained as a constituted organisation and it was for Melrose RFC that the Business Plan and Fundraising Plan aimed to be created. In a discussion about this application there was some disquiet expressed and opinions were divided about whether it should be approved. However, it was pointed out and agreed that Melrose RFC, rather that MRL represented the legacy and community arm of the club.  After further discussion, Councillor Parker, seconded by Councillor Edgar moved that the application be approved.  Councillor Anderson moved as an amendment that the application be declined.  However as there was no seconder to the amendment a vote was not required and the grant for £4,000 was approved in full.


7.4       Galashiels Academy Pupil Council

            The request from Galashiels Academy Pupil Council was for a grant of £4,458.54 for the purchase of videography equipment, specifically a JVC Handheld Camcorder. The group also wished to purchase other items that would support effective videography, including laptop, tripods, camera grips, microphone, lapel mics and lights. Pupil Council representatives, Ally Turnbull and Doddie Turner were present at the meeting and provided further clarification in response to questions. It was explained that the Pupil Council felt that they needed the equipment as they were currently unable to produce high quality videos for use to promote activities on their dedicated social media channels. The equipment would be stored within the school but would be accessible to other community groups in and around Galashiels, so this would not be just a school resource.  Members congratulated the young people from the Pupil Council on the application and were very supportive of the aims of the project.  The request for a grant of £4,458.54 received unanimous approval.


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