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Eildon Community Fund 2020/21

Summary attached and applications for consideration from:-


·         Selkirk Community Council

·         Interest Link

·         TD1 Youth Hub

·         Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland

·         Newtown and Eildon Community Council



Assessments of five applications to the Eildon Community Fund had been circulated, plus a summary of grant funding within Eildon in 2020/21 and the source of that funding. Mr Harrow referred to the summary which showed grant applications awarded, those under assessment and those to be considered by the Area Partnership.  He advised that if the pending applications were approved there would still be just over £31k in the Eildon pot for distribution.  Consideration should be given as to how to encourage groups to apply for support through the Community Fund.  Before giving consideration to the five following applications, Mr Harrow gave a summary of each and confirmed that each met the Community Fund criteria.


9.1      Selkirk Community Council

            The application under consideration was submitted by Selkirk Community Council on behalf of the local Cycling Without Age group for £2,250 for the purchase of a second trishaw for the town, the first having been purchased using funding from Selkirk Common Good Fund. The purpose of the scheme was to allow elderly and “mobility limited” individuals to get out and about in their community.  Cycling without Age had demonstrated that trishaw projects had a positive effect on emotional well-being and improved mental health. As two volunteers always needed to be present on an outing it was felt that it would be useful for them to be piloting a second trishaw with another person. After receiving answers to questions the request for £2,250 was approved in full.


9.2       Interest Link Borders

            The application from Interest Link Borders was for £5,000 to continue the development of an existing volunteer befriending project which supported up to 45 socially isolated children, young people and adults with learning disabilities living in Eildon/Central borders annually.  Support was currently being given on-line and through other distance methods.  There was increased demand due to other facilities being closed. The Group was projecting a shortfall in salary funding and was applying for a one-off grant of £5,000 for project staff costs. The request for £5,000 was approved in full.


9.3       TD1 Youth Hub

            TD1 Youth Hub was applying for £11,803 match funding to deliver the TD1 Pathfinder programme, a project which aimed to promote and support positive mental health and inclusion through access to facilities and by encouraging young people to develop new skills that pushed their personal boundaries.  The TD1 Pathfinder programme would run 2 sessions a week.  One would have a food/health focus and the other would be around physical activity with a focus on cycling and inclusion of other sports such as football, walking and golf.  There would be links into existing sports clubs in the area and youth awards given where applicable.  The funding would cover staffing costs for 52 weeks, 3 bikes and facility bookings. Area Partnership members were very supportive of the project, particularly in respect to the integration with existing clubs in the area. The request for £11,803 was approved in full.


9.4       Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland

            The request was for a grant of £4,266 to recruit individual session workers to support the sessional project leader deliver the Wellbeing Community Resilience Project.  The workforces served by chaplains amounted to a combined workforce of around 4,550 with more than 100 workers being supported. The group would aim to offer training modules including Redundancy – what now; Building Resilience; Trauma support; and Depression and Bereavement.  The group also aimed to offer workplace training including health and wellbeing weeks and events.  The request for £4,266 was approved in full.


9.5       Newtown & Eildon Community Council

            The request was for £3,068.97 to cover the cost of 6 gazebos.  These would be used to host various stalls at the Newtown St Boswells craft fair, which was held after a parade to celebrate the switching on of the village lights and Christmas Tree.  The gazebos would also be used for community fundraising events all year around and be available to other community groups within the village and surrounding area.  Use of the gazebos would help in the Covid recovery plan in providing covered outside spaces for events.      The request for £3,068.97 was approved in full.


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