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Our Plan and Your Part In It: SBC’s Corporate Performance and Improvement Report 2018/19 (Annual Summary and data for Quarter 4 2018/19)

Consider report by Service Director Customer & Communities (copy attached).


2.1       With reference to paragraph 5 of the Minute of 12 February 2019, there had been circulated copies of a report by the Service Director Customer & Communities, presenting a high level summary of Scottish Borders Council’s 2018/19 performance information.  The report included reporting on the progress of change and improvement projects across SBC, replacing what was the separate Corporate Transformation report.  Change and Improvement Projects were monitored on a weekly basis by Corporate Management Team (CMT) and through the SBC Financial Plan and associated monitoring.More detail was contained within Appendix 1 to the report and Appendix 2 presented the performance information on a quarterly basis, with more detailed commentary on performance.  To reflect the significant investment made by the Council during 2018/19, an overview of the work and impact of Police Scotland’s Community Action Team was provided in the report and within Appendix 3.  Senior Business Services Officer, Alasdair Collison, highlighted key successes identified from the performance measures and also drew attention to challenges facing the Council in terms of performance. During 2018/19, SBC had made a number of significant achievements. In particular economic development efforts had continued with further progress being made with the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, the South of Scotland Economic Partnership and the upcoming establishment of South of Scotland Enterprise.  There was an increase in the number of Affordable Homes provided in the Borders, rising to 191 during 2018/19. In February 2019, Scottish Borders Council announced the ‘Inspire Learning Programme’, an investment of £16million over a ten year period in a world-class digital learning environment in Scottish Borders schools starting in 2019/20.


2.2       Members welcomed the positive news within the report and commented on particular achievements. In further discussion officers answered questions in relation to particular challenges identified from the performance indicators.  With regard to the reduction in recycling rates Members were advised that discussions were taking place with partner Local Authorities who were experiencing a similar reduction in recycling. Scottish Borders Council already had a plan in place for a campaign to increase recycling but Members’ concern would be reported back to the Waste Services Manager. With regard to the numbers of Looked After Children being in family-based placements Members asked for an evaluation around the response to the recent campaign to recruit foster carers.   In terms of Asset Transfer enquiries the Service Director confirmed that the enquiries referred to in the report were ongoing, some informal enquiries now becoming formal   She advised that each scenario was different and advised that she would send an update to all Members of the latest position together with observations from the team.  In response to a question about timescales around the full deployment of a second Community Action Team, the Chief Executive advised that she expected the second team to be at full capacity within the next three months.





(a)          NOTED:-


(i)         the progress update relating to Change and Improvement Projects, referenced in Section 4 and detailed further in Appendix 1 to the report;


(ii)        the changes to performance indicators outlined in Section 5 of the report; and


(iii)       the performance summarised in Sections 6 and 7, and detailed within Appendices 1, 2 and 3 to the report and that action was being taken within services to improve or maintain performance.


(b)          AGREED that Members be provided with the further information requested in paragraph 2.2 above.


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