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Mrs Elborn, Newcastleton Community Council, advised that with regard to Newcastleton primary school, a meeting with the Service Director Children and Young People had been positive.   The communities’ concern at the lack of communication and understanding of local issues had been addressed.   There had also been a discussion on the school being recognised as an early learning service.   Ms Elborn highlighted to Ward Members that the school bus could not be used as there was no appropriately trained drivers.   With regard to repairs to pavements in private ownership, a process was now in place which had been welcomed.  Ms Elbron further advised that the community council had co-opted Mr Greg Cuthbert as a new member.  Mr Cuthbert would be the community council’s representative on the Borders Railway Support Group and would advocate for the line being extended to Carlisle, via Newcastleton.  In support, Newcastleton would prepare a feasibility study, which would focus on the importance of freight transportation for the economic growth of the local region.  Ms Elborn concluded by advising that the problem with lack of broadband still remained and asked that Members continued to support the need for broadband to be actioned.   The Chairman made reference to a recent presentation by Openreach at Southdean Community Council which might be of assistance to Newcastleton.   


8.2       Mrs Knight, Burnfoot Community Council, informed that a total of £10k has been donated to the Remembrance Garden project; the architect had now been contacted to prepare plans.   Mrs Knight advised that the community council was in the process of holding a by-election which they hoped would attract new members.  Mrs Knight further advised that on the 7 December, the Burnfoot Christmas lights would be switched on, there would be carols from the school and Father Christmas might make an appearance.  Father Christmas would also be at Burnfoot on Christmas Eve.


8.3       Mrs Crew, Denholm Community Council, advised that the community council had hosted a ‘drop-in” night on 12 October to highlight the impact of windfarm proposals on the area.  A large scale map had proved useful in identifying the location of windfarms, and many attending had expressed concern at the expanse and amount of turbines proposed for the area.    Ms Crew then went on to advise that there had also been a Folk Festival in the village at the beginning of November, culmination on the Sunday evening with a firework display.  Mrs Crew highlighted that the community council continued to work with the resilience group, numbers had dropped but they were trying to maintain and improve interest in the scheme.  They had also carried out a recent survey of grit bins and drainage around the village.  To conclude the report, Mrs Crew advised that on the 10 December, the village Christmas tree lights would be switched on and there would also be carols around the tree. 


8.4       Mr Curtis, Hobkirk Community Council, advised that on the agenda for discussion at the following week’s meeting were items on the burial ground, windfarms, community council website and national park. 


8.5       Mr McAdam, Southdean Community Council, advised that with regard to Pines Burn windfarm, Mr Kerr had effectively represented the community at SBC’s planning committee.   The community council had also been invited to respond to the Cliffhope Scoping report and were preparing a response; members of the public could also raise comments.   Mr McAdam reported that the broadband service in the area was still unreliable and unacceptable.  However, the community council had received a presentation from Ben Campbell, BT Openreach, Mr Campbell had advised that there was funding available for communities to apply for superfast broadband; surveys still had to be completed but it was hoped that the community might benefit.  The project would be running throughout the year and any other communities interested could contact Southdean for information.  


8.6       Mr Robson, Upper Teviot and Borthwick Water, advised that a number of road issues had been improved. However, all good work carried out by the Council had been destroyed by timber transportation. 


8.7       Mr Turnbull, Hawick Community Council, advised that they had been asked for their views on the Barrel Law windfarm application again and would be resubmitting their original objections.  With regard to the community benefit programme, nine applications had been received resulting in £4,027 being granted to local community projects.  Hawick Community Council were also holding a Christmas event on 2 December when the Christmas lights would be switched on and there would be singing and dancing.  To conclude, Mr Turnbull thanked the Neighbourhood Area manager for arranging the ‘Keep Entrance Clear’ signage at Wilton Lodge Park for the access of emergency vehicles.



NOTED the reports.




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