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Venue: Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Newtown St. Boswells

Contact: Louise McGeoch Tel 01835 825005  email

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Note No. Item


Convener's Remarks.


Apologies for Absence.


Order of Business.


Declarations of Interest.

5 mins


Minutes pdf icon PDF 159 KB

Consider Minutes of Scottish Borders Council held on the following dates for approval and signing by the Convener:-


30 January 2020;

26 February 2020; and

26 March 2020.

(Copies attached.)


Additional documents:

5 mins


Committee Minutes pdf icon PDF 31 KB

Consider Minutes of the following Committees:-


(a)     Tweeddale Area Partnership                              14 January 2020

(b)     Local Review Body                                            20 January 2020

(c)     Executive                                                           21 January 2020

(d)     Cheviot Area Partnership                                   29 January 2020

(e)     Sustainable Development                                  31 January 2020

(f)      Planning & Building Standards                           3 February 2020

(g)     Berwickshire Area Partnership                          6 February 2020

(h)     Police, Fire & Rescue and Safer

          Communities Board                                           7 February 2020

(i)      Audit & Scrutiny                                                 10 February 2020

(j)      Executive                                                           11 February 2020

(k)     Local Review Body                                            17 February 2020

(l)      Lauder Common Good Fund                             18 February 2020

(m)    Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership                18 February 2020

(n)     Selkirk Common Good Fund                             19 February 2020

(o)     Civic Government Licensing                              21 February 2020

(p)     Peebles Common Good Fund                           26 February 2020

(q)     Planning & Building Standards                           2 March 2020

(r)      Major Contracts                                                  3 March 2020

(s)     Innerleithen Common Good Fund                     4 March 2020

(t)      Pension Fund Committee                                  5 March 2020

(u)     Pension Fund Board                                           5 March 2020

(v)     Audit & Scrutiny                                                 9 March 2020

(w)    Local Review Body                                            16 March 2020

(x)     Planning & Building Standards                           18 May 2020


(Please see separate Supplement containing the public Committee Minutes.)


Additional documents:

5 mins


Committee Minute Recommendations pdf icon PDF 73 KB

Consider the recommendation made by the Audit and Scrutiny Committee            on 23 June 2020.  (Copy attached.)




20 mins


Responding to Covid-19 pdf icon PDF 219 KB

Presentation by the Chief Executive.  (Briefing Note attached.) 

Additional documents:

10 mins


Capital Programme - Community Engagement & Consultation pdf icon PDF 122 KB

Consider briefing note by Service Director Assets & Infrastructure.  (Copy attached.)

10 mins


Tweed Valley Tourism Business Improvement District Update pdf icon PDF 101 KB

Consider report by the Executive Director.  (Copy attached.)

15 mins


Scottish Community Development Centre on Area Partnerships and Community Fund pdf icon PDF 159 KB

Consider report by Service Director Customer and Communities.  (Copy attached.)

Additional documents:

5 mins


Standing Orders - Proposed Amendments pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Consider report by Chief Executive.  (Copy attached.)


Note:  To consider this item, Members will require to suspend Standing Orders.


5 mins


Appointment of Members



(a)        Appointment of Councillor Thornton-Nicol as Dementia Champion; and


(b)        Appointment of Councillor Tatler to replace Councillor Edgar as the substitute Member on Scotland Excel Joint Committee. 



Calendar of Meetings 2020-2021 pdf icon PDF 141 KB

Consider draft Calendar of Meetings for the period August 2020 to July 2021.  (Copy attached.)



Any Other Items Previously Circulated


Any Other Items Which the Convener Decides Are Urgent


Private Business

Before proceeding with the private business, the following motion should be approved:-


“That under Section 50A(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 the public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in the relevant paragraphs of Part 1 of Schedule 7A to the aforementioned Act.”

2 mins



Consider private Sections of Minutes of Scottish Borders Council held on 30 January and 26 February 2020.  (Copies attached.)

2 mins


Committee Minutes

Consider private Sections of the Minutes of the following Committees:-


(a)     Executive                                                           11 February 2020

(b)     Civic Government Licensing                              21 February 2020

(c)     Peebles Common Good Fund                           26 February 2020

(d)     Major Contracts Governance                            3 March 2020

(c)     Pension Fund Committee & Board                    10 March 2020


(Please see separate Supplement containing private Committee Minutes.)



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