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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair, Councillor Fullarton, welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Berwickshire Area Partnership and thanked the Community Councils, Partners and local organisations for their attendance, and for participating and putting forward ideas.  It was very important for people to get involved in the Locality Plan and help manage with limited resources. 



Feedback from meeting on 7 June 2018

Copy of minute attached.


The Minute of the meeting of the Berwickshire Area Partnership held on 7 June 2018 had been circulated along with a summary of the discussion attached as an appendix to the Minute.  The general concerns, issues, challenges and opportunities raised at that meeting were referred to during discussion.  The theme that had been identified as the next priority for further detailed discussion was Our Place and this would therefore be the focal point for consideration at this evening’s meeting. In response to a question, Mr Banks, Locality Development Co-ordinator, explained about the feedback and how people could send in additional comments etc. 



Theme: Our Place pdf icon PDF 262 KB

A facilitated discussion on the subject in order to put forward a set of initial outcomes for Berwickshire – further information on local data and statistics


3.1       The Chair presented the theme for the meeting – Place – and introduced Charles Johnston, SBC Senior Planning Officer, who talked about the Main Issues Report (MIR) which had been approved by Council the previous week for a 12 week public consultation, likely to begin at the beginning of October.  The MIR was to all intents and purposes the forerunner to the Local Development Plan which came in 2 volumes:  the first volume of the Development Plan contained policies which were applicable across the Borders and the second volume contained details applicable to each of the 80 different settlements in the Borders e.g. conservation areas, housing allocations, etc.  The consultation would involve officers holding sessions in various places with local people encouraged to come to afternoon sessions and evening workshops to give feedback.  The MIR asked a series of questions and Mr Johnston gave some examples.  With regard to town centres, how could they be regenerated and made more dynamic and vibrant.  What sites should be designated for housing, what type of housing was needed.  Finding sites could be difficult and the MIR was trying to identify a lot more sites than would be required, so not all sites would be taken forward.  People were invited to comment on proposed sites and suggest other sites.  With regard to industrial land, where should that be located, how would sites be serviced, how will they be funded.  Existing housing in the countryside policy required any new property to be part of an existing building group - should consideration be given to allowing single dwellings in more isolated areas.  Officers would be available to listen to what local people’s suggestions and everyone was encouraged to put forward their views either at one of the consultation sessions, or via the website or by phone.  In response to a question about whether Scottish Government could overrule a Local Plan, Mr Johnston advised that planning was never black and white, and there were grey areas, but decisions had to be in line with national planning guidance. 


3.2       Ms Liz Hall, SBC Ecology Officer, then gave details of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan which was currently out for consultation.  This Plan had last been updated in 2001 so it was time for a review.  Officers had looked at the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and based the themes of the Local Biodiversity Plan on this.  While there were global targets to be achieved by 2020, any actions needed to work on the ground.  One theme was eco system restoration which involved replanting trees and hedgerows; another was greenspace for health, both mental and physical health and wellbeing; another was marine and coastal eco-systems.   People were asked to participate in the consultation and provide comments, letting officers know if priorities were correct or if something else should be included.  The consultation was open until 30 November 2018 and could be accessed through the Citizen Space online system.  


3.3       Mr Gerry Begg, SBC Housing Strategy Manager, advised the meeting that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Any Other Business


Ms. Shona Smith, SBC Communities and Partnership Manager, reminded everyone that the Locality Bid Fund was open for applications up until the end of September 2018.  Ms Smith asked that those considering putting in applications speak to any member of her team for advice and guidance on formulating an application and also to get applications in as soon as possible so any issues on detail or missing information could be resolved quickly.  If applications were received on the last day and there was a problem then the application could be ruled invalid, which no–one wanted, least of all officers


Next Meeting will be held on Thursday, 6 December 2018

Time and venue to be discussed.


The next meeting of the Berwickshire Area Partnership was scheduled for Thursday 6 December 2018.  Suggestions for a venue for the next meeting were Coldingham or Gordon.  The Chairman thanked all those who had attended the meeting for their participation and input.





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