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1.1      The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Cheviot Area Partnership and thanked the Community Councils, Partners and local organisations for their attendance, and for participating and putting forward ideas.



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2.0     Feedback from meeting on 25 SEPTEMBER 2019

2.1     The minute of the meeting of the Cheviot Area Partnership held on 25 September 2019 had been circulated.  A summary of the discussion on Community Transport: Solutions and Actions was attached as an appendix to the Minute.



Transport Update

Update by Timothy Stephenson, Transport



  3.1     Following the presentation given at the meeting on 25 September 2029, Timothy Stephenson, Transport Manager was in attendance to give a verbal update on Transport Planning.  It was explained that the Council had a statutory obligation to transport Pupils and not to provide Local Bus Services.  Subsidies on local bus services (LBS) cost £1.5m per annum and moved 1m travellers and as with other Local Authorities budgets of the LBS were always being reviewed.  Savings made in 2018 totalled £200k and were based on data collected on-bus and passenger trends, providing alternatives and some innovative thinking.   Savings in 2019 of £85k were already secured without further cuts to bus services and £165k of budget savings were needed in 2020.   The Plan for 2020 and beyond identified a number of under-performing bus routes – decline of passenger numbers, re-tender pricing across Scotland was around +20%, the cost per passenger (subsidy) was very high and was not sustainable; there were some tough decisions to be made to secure a workable plan to save £165k and looking at alternatives rather than cutting services.  In August and September 2019 met Communities through the Area Partnerships to discuss community transport needs to form a transport plan.  The local bus services being reviewed were the 66 (Earlston-Stichill-Kelso), 85/87 (Kelso-Greenlaw-Berwick), 710 (Kelso-Coldstream) and the 902 (Westruther-Stichill-Kelso) and information had been circulated to the Community Councils.  Following analysis, it was proposed to remove routes 66 and 720 and to enhance route 99, however the consultation was open until 13 February 2020 and Mr Stephenson was keen to hear from Communities who want to try new things, it was about adjusting and improving services and not just about cost cutting. 




Order of Business



          The Chairman varied the order of business as shown on the agenda and the Minute reflects the order in which the items were considered at the meeting.



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Consultation on Jim Clark Rally 2020

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There had been circulated copies of a joint report by the Executive Director and Service Director Assets and Infrastructure which had been presented to the Executive Committee on 21 January 2020.  It had been agreed that the report be presented to the three Area Partnerships in whose areas the event was scheduled to take place.  The aim of the report was to raise awareness of the revised legislation for motor sport events on closed public roads and to agree the Council’s consultation process for the proposal submitted by event organisers of the Jim Clark Rally to hold a rally on closed roads in the Scottish Borders on 30 and 31 May 2020.  The report explained that revised legislation was introduced in 2019 to allow motor sports events to take place on closed public roads.  The new regulations built upon previous experience through the Jim Clark Rally and other such events and were intended to introduce increased rigor to the procedure for organising and running such events.  The 2019 Regulations introduced a two stage procedure where organisers must first successfully apply to an “authorised body” for a permit before applying to the local roads authority for a Motor Sports Order.  In determining whether to make a Motor Sports Order, Scottish Borders Council, as local roads authority, had to consider a number of factors laid out in the Regulations.  The report outlined those factors and provided an opportunity to examine the proposals submitted by the rally organisers in respect of the routes and timings for the rally on 30 and 31 May 2020. 


4.1          The organisers of the Jim Clark Rally, having successfully applied for a permit from “the authorised body”, had lodged an application with Scottish Borders Council (within the specified 6 month period required to allow consideration) seeking a Motor Sports Order to undertake the event.  It was noted that the event organisers had, prior to submitting the application, been in consultation with representatives of Scottish Borders Council and Police Scotland through the established Safety Advisory Group (SAG).  The intention of the Jim Clark Rally organisers was for the event to be based in Duns and to run a total of 8 rally stages (over 4 different routes) on the Saturday and 6 rally stages (over 3 different routes) on the Sunday.  The four routes on the Saturday were Westruther, Scott’s View, Eccles and Longformacus – Abbey St Bathans. This would see a single run, in an anti- clockwise direction of travel, over the first three routes followed by vehicle servicing and refuelling in Duns and then a repeat of that earlier sequence. Following a further re-group and service in Duns the day would then conclude with two runs over the Longformacus – Abbey St Bathans route. Sunday would see routes at Edrom, Ayton and Whitsome. The intention being to run a clockwise loop of these routes followed by servicing and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


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(i)      Kelso Salmon Fishing Museum

(ii)    Lothian Hall, Crailing


(Copies attached.)




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5.1       An explanation of the SBC’s Community Fund application process was included in the

information on the tables at the meeting. This was a fund available to community and

voluntary groups to help support community activity.  Grants of up to £5k for non-constituted groups and £10k for constituted groups were available. In exceptional cases up to £30k was available for constituted groups. Applications submitted to SBC were assessed by the Communities and Partnership team and if they met the fund criteria, would go forward to Area Partnership meetings with an officer recommendation.  Assessments would be included in agenda papers and those who attended the Area Partnership meetings would be asked if they agreed with the recommendation made by the SBC officer.  Ms Smith referred to the Interim Assessment forms, circulated at the meeting and summarised below, which gave details of an application for Cheviot Area Partnership to consider:-


5.2       Kelso Salmon Fishing Museum  

Funding of £10,000 had been requested by the River Tweed Salmon Fishing Museum to establish a permanent exhibition of salmon and the sport of angling in the centre of its birthplace, Kelso.  The Museum was planned to be based in Kelso Town Hall and sought to bring a currently vacant space in the heart of the town into a sympathetic use.  The museum itself would include displays of the history, heritage and its influence in the social and economic development of the town within the Scottish Borders and Scotland.  The applicant was seeking support for a contribution to the ‘fitting out works’ and in particular the creation of the glass display cabinets.  These required to be made to measure to accommodate the irregular shaped walls within the building and to maximize the space for exhibits, as well as being able to be locked.  Funding would also be used to create wall and window displays.  Entry to the museum would be free and it was intended to be open to the public seven days a week for ten months of the year.  The recommendation to the Cheviot Area Partnership was to approve the funding request in full.



AGREED to grant funding of £10,000 from the 2019/20 Community Fund to the River Tweed Salmon Fishing Museum.


5.3       Lothian Hall, Crailing   

Funding of £2,462.40 had been requested to enhance the access to Lothian Hall, Crailing.   Lothian Hall served a rural community with many of the users travelling in from outlying settlements, the parking was on the roadside or in the gravel area to the rear of the hall, resulting in many of the users having trouble accessing the hall safely.  The user base for the hall was ageing, with several of the members using wheelchairs and they were finding it difficult to access the hall along the existing gravel path without significant levels of help.  The Hall provided opportunities for individuals to maintain social connections in turn encouraging users to maintain their independence, yet the current situation compromised this before users could  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


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·         Community Asset Transfer Requests and Participation Request Annual Report

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            A copy of the List of Participation and Asset Transfer requests received during 2018/19 had been circulated for information.  Clare Malster asked that anyone with questions regarding participation requests or Asset Transfers get in touch.



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7.0         CHEVIOT Locality Action Plan update

Locality Development Co-ordinator, Jan Pringle, drew attention to the Cheviot Locality Plan and the Action Plan Update which had been circulated by email with the agenda, two weeks prior to the meeting.  Copies were also available on the tables at the meeting. The Locality Plan outlined the priorities identified within the Cheviot area and the action plan gave an update on planned activities and progress for each priority area.  Mrs Pringle stressed that the action plan was a working document which would be updated and reviewed regularly. The Communities team were looking at the best ways possible to feed back this information at Area Partnerships.



Future Agenda Items suggestions/proposals


8.0       Future agenda items

Suggestions for future agenda items could be sent to the Locality Development co-ordinator at



Date Next Meeting



9.1       The next meeting would be held on Wednesday, 22 April 2020 in Kelso at 6.30 p.m.   The theme of the meeting would be confirmed in due course.




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