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Welcome and Meeting Protocols


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership.  The meeting was held via Microsoft Teams and the Chairman outlined how the meeting would be conducted and how those both in the meeting and watching via the Live Stream could take part.



Feedback from Meetings and Evaluation of Meeting pdf icon PDF 206 KB

Consider Minutes of Meetings of:

(a)   8 June 2021.

(b)  22 July 2021 (Special)


(Minutes attached)

Additional documents:


The Minutes of the meetings of the Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership held on 8 June 2021 and 22 July 2021 had been circulated.



APPROVED the Minutes.


Place Making Update


3.1       With reference to paragraph 3 of the Minute of 8 June 2021, the Service Director Customer & Communities, Mrs Jenni Craig, and SBC Portfolio Manager, Mr James Lamb, presented an update on progress with Place Making.  Mr Lamb gave a recap of the previous meeting including the output of the workshop led by Diarmaid Lawlor of Scottish Futures Trust; transforming joint working with communities; this being a multi-year programme so not everything could not be done at cones; and the central role of the Area Partnership in this process.  Feedback and input was required into the joint principles, the framework and the proposals for getting started and the proposed next steps.  Mrs Craig confirmed that feedback was being sought on an ongoing basis.  Overall the Council wanted to take a new approach to Place Making by working in a much more collaborative way than previously.  The first 7 proposed joint principles had come directly from conversations with Area Partnerships and the remaining principles had been included to add value.  Details were given on the proposed joint framework which built on existing work.  With regard to how initial communities could be identified, Mrs Craig advised that Place making should be seen as an evolving, rolling programme of work, with the ambition that all communities would be supported but with limited resources there had to be a priority order.  A matrix which included a number of aspects had been developed to potentially be used to prioritise communities and include smaller settlements.  In terms of resources, there were additional SBC posts which could be used to help communities and co-ordinate and align resources.  Feedback was sought by the end of October on the proposed joint principles and framework; the priorities; and the place making governance role.


3.2       Councillor Paterson commented that priorities may be regarded differently for those in different areas and asked how prioritisation would work in localities across the Area Partnerships.   Mrs Craig explained that it needed to be acknowledged that every community and its plan was different and there would be different ways to deal with priorities, and officers would work with each Area Partnership to make those decisions about their own communities.  Councillor Ramage referred to different ways of engaging the public e.g. the public was invited to develop ideas for the Hawick flood protection scheme, groups were arranged in a workshop and thus the public was involved.  Mr Kerr welcomed the fact that communities would have a part in this and asked about rural proofing.  It looked as though communities with an existing place plan were being prioritised  which would lead to a widening disparity and perhaps the focus should be on those communities with no plans.  Every area was different and all rural communities in particular should be invited to participate if they wished.  Mrs Craig referred to the Berwickshire Area Partnership that had considered some community councils working together to develop local plans.  The Council could look at supporting a town, a rural area or a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Area Partnership Consultation Update


The Chair advised that the consultation on Area Partnerships had closed on 1 August and officers were in the process of forming a paper to go to Scottish Borders Council later in the year with recommendations for the development of the Area Partnerships based on the outcomes of the consultation.  It was noted that an update would be provided at the next meeting of the Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership on 6 November 2021.



            NOTED the update.



Community Assistance Hub

Update from Locality Development Co-ordinator (Gillian Jardine).


The Locality Development Co-ordinator, Ms Jardine, advised that the Community Assistance Hub was continuing to respond to individuals’ requests for support and calls were being made to those self-isolating.  Thanks were expressed to volunteers for their help.  Community partners were meeting weekly to assess need and look at provision in the TD9 area.  Feedback from the Older People’s Survey carried out during the pandemic had showed that people felt well supported for practical help e.g. shopping, but people’s experiences of feeling connected or engaged in their community was not so good.  That was currently being examined to see what help could be given, which included mapping community activity in the TD9 area.  The NHS Borders Health Improvement Team was leading on this work and hoped to create a resource to signpost people to activities and services.  It was acknowledged that community groups may find it difficult to start up in the current circumstances so the mapping would help identify gaps in people’s wellbeing. 



            NOTED the update.



Extension of the Border Railway


Ms Elborn gave a presentation on a community project funded by the Community Fund.  This had been originally named the Community Voices Project and now, with the extension of the Borders Railway, was talking about the benefits of this for the South of Scotland.  Members of the community had been invited to create films about the potential benefits to them of an extension to the line, given the success of the current line.  Five films had been made which was to be launched on the ‘Extending the Borders Railway’ social media channels the following day.  The Locality Development Co-ordinator, Ms Jardine, advised that the link could be promoted if shared with officers.  All Community Councils in the area would be sent the details.  Ms Elborn further advised that outcome of the UK Government connectivity review was still awaited – this had been delayed due to the larger number of responses received than had been anticipated.


            NOTED the update.



Flooding Update pdf icon PDF 220 KB

Written submission from SBC’s Flood and Coastal Management Team and Roads Asset Team. (Attached)


A written update from Duncan Morrison of the Flood and Coastal Management Team had been circulated with the agenda and a more detailed update would be provided at the November Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership meeting.  Mr Kerr noted that Scottish Borders Council had carried out good work in the Chesters area but the ditches that had been cleared earlier in the year were starting to fill up.  There was a need to get a maintenance programme in place as this would not be a one-off task. 


            NOTED the update.



Forestry/Wind Farms Planning for November

Update from Philip Kerr, Southdean Community Council.


Mr Kerr provided an update advising that 40% of Southdean land mass was covered by forestry.  The Wheel Causeway was a core path where 80-90% was reported as being fine but 10% was overgrown causing issues.  This was a heritage, historic path and Mr Kerr was keen to work with operators such as the Forestry Commission and Tillhill and neighbours to resolve this and also look at regular maintenance.  Mr Kerr requested that anyone interested should contact him.  With regards to climate change, Mr Kerr had made enquiries to Scottish Forestry to attend the Area Partnership to present plans for the next 10 years for the area including what to do with run off.  It was noted that Scottish Forestry would be prepared to attend the November meeting.  Regarding timber transport, it was noted that communities were seeing an increase in traffic.  Mr Kerr was interested in seeing details of volume of traffic and on the driving of operators and he would liaise with Councillor Turnbull on the issue.  Regarding wind farms, Mr Kerr added that with regard to the virtual exhibition for Hobkirk, one of the panels was over 50MB which may cause difficulties for downloading and he would raise this with developers.  Big maps/files presented difficulties.  A planning application was likely to be submitted to the Council at the end of this year, beginning of next, and there needed to be hard copies of maps and plans available to local communities.

NOTED the update.



Community Update

Opportunity to share updates from your community or raise topics for future discussion.


9.1       Mr Tait asked about the Volunteer Park Stand and expressed concern that the project had been stopped by the pandemic.  It was noted that clubs that used the stand had spent money to improve facilities.  Councillor Richards advised that an update would be provided at the November meeting of the Area Partnership or before then if possible.  Councillor Turnbull confirmed that he had been raising the issue for 15 years, including looking at a Trust or Foundation, and demolishing the Stand and rebuilding.   He had spoken with the Chief Executive and was currently awaiting a response.

9.2       Ms Elborn asked if there was an update regarding 20mph zones.  Councillor Richards advised that Napier University was analysing data and that Councillors had been invited to an update of findings in early October.  Mr Kerr noted that some speed alerts only gave feedback on speeds up to 28mph and it may be more beneficial to register higher speeds and continue the slow down message to motorists.  Councillor Paterson commented that there had been a mixed response on 20mph zones from the public.



Community Fund pdf icon PDF 79 KB

Update from Working Group.

Additional documents:


10.1     Copies of a presentation giving proposals for the governance of the Community Fund had been circulated.  The Clerk to the Council gave a recap of what Scottish Borders Council had agreed in March 2021 and the Area Partnership had agreed in June 2021 with regard to the Community Fund.  A number of options were given on what could happen to the funding allocated to a Community Council in the Pot A Fund where no Assessment Panel had been set up; and also details were given of a proposed way of making appointments to the Assessment Panel for the Pot B Fund.  For Pot A, these options were that a Community Council could allocate their funding to another Community Council; could deal with any applications to their funding directly at one of their Community Council meetings; or could allocate their funding to Pot B, with that funding ring-fenced for that particular area until the end of 2021 and any applications would be dealt with by the Pot B Assessment Panel.  It would be up to the particular Community Council to make that decision.  At the end of 2021, any unspent funding for that Community Council ring-fenced in Pot B, along with unspent funding from Pot A, would transfer to the wider Pot B fund. 

10.2     With regard to the Assessment Panel for Pot B, it was suggested that the number of members be set at between 7 and 11, including a maximum of 3 SBC Elected Members who would be non-voting.  A recruitment campaign would be run by SBC Officers and Community Council members would be eligible to put in their application as well as members of other organisations or the public.  It was further proposed that the appointment of the members of the Panel would be delegated to the Director of Customer & Communities in consultation with the Chair of the Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership and the SBC Executive Member for Community Development & Localities.  To allow for immediate opening of the fund for Pot B, it was suggested that until the Assessment Panel members were appointed, Council officers would assess applications received using previous fund criteria, and these assessments would be brought directly to the Area Partnership for decision.  This was an interim measure and once an Assessment Panel was in place it would take over the assessment of applications and recommendations to the Area Partnership.

10.3     Mr Kerr objected to the proposed membership of the Assessment Panel for Pot B, advising that the original plan was for each Community Council to be represented and that being augmented by other representatives.  Ms Woods advised that they had struggled to get people not in the Community Council involved and while it was hoped to bring in people from the wider community, this was not practical at this stage.  The Communities & Partnership Manager, Ms Smith, reminded the members of the previous SCDC report which advocated a wide community involvement from other organisations not just Community Councils and also the decisions of Scottish  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Funding Table Overview pdf icon PDF 247 KB

Table attached.


The Locality Development Co-ordinator, Ms Jardine, presented the overview of funds available in Teviot & Liddesdale, highlighting that the Teviot & Liddesdale Community Fund had £47,799.26 remaining and that the Build Back a Better Borders would have £30,435.40 should the applications to be considered next on the agenda were approved.


Build Back a Better Borders Recovery Fund Applications pdf icon PDF 216 KB

Consider five applications for funding:


(a)  Hawick Youth Rugby – Travel costs for Under 15s team and equipment (£5,553)

(b)  Roxburgh & Berwickshire CAB – Developing routes for accessing advice and support (£4,395.60)

(c)   Campaign for Scottish Borders National Park – Bedrule Castle archaeology excavation and report and taster sessions (£12,566)

(d)  Hornshole Greenway Development Group – Eco Education Programme (£15,000)

(e)  Alchemy Film & Arts – Connecting Intergenerational communities through archive film (£15,000)

(Assessments attached.)


Photos of BBBB funded projects: BBBB Fund Awards 2021/22 | Flickr



Additional documents:


The Locality Development Co-ordinator, Ms Jardine, presented the summary of applications to the Build Back a Better Borders Recovery Fund:


(a)       Hawick Youth Rugby

An application had been received for £5,553 to support travel costs for the under-15s team to participate in rugby matches within and out-with the Borders and for equipment including match balls, corner flags and a team first aid kit.  The application was assessed as medium, noting that the under-15s team provided a new opportunity for young people in the Hawick area, helping to re-engage young people following the postponement of team activity caused by the pandemic. 



AGREED to award Hawick Youth Rugby the sum of £5,553, subject to the following conditions:

(i)      that the Club would actively promote that the annual could be waivered, where deprivation was identified, to ensure that all U15s could participate in the sport; and


(ii)     that Hawick Youth Rugby would continue to follow Scottish Government Covid19 guidance.


(b)     Roxburgh & Berwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau

An application had been received for £4,395.60 to recruit a Citizens Advice Bureau Champion to work across the Teviot & Liddesdale area on a six-month contract to promote volunteering opportunities.  It was noted that the Citizens Advice Bureau requested the Champion to cover their full geographic reach and were requesting that costs were shared with Berwickshire, Cheviot and Teviot & Liddesdale Build Back a Better Borders funds.  The application was assessed as high as it met a number of fund criteria.  The Area Partnership discussed the application noting that a higher bid for funding would have been welcome, noting the impact of the work of Roxburgh & Berwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau and that a further application would be welcomed.



AGREED to award Roxburgh & Berwickshire CAB the sum of £4,395.60, subject to the following conditions:

(i)      the applicant must follow Scottish Government Covid19 guidance; and


(ii)     the rate of pay given to the Volunteer Co-ordinator must meet the National Living Wage.


(c)     Campaign for a Scottish Borders National Park (on behalf of Twelve Towers of Rule Team)

          An application had been received for £12,566 to commission Archaeology Scotland to undertake an exploratory excavation of the Bedrule Castle site, paying for staff time and volunteer expenses.  It was noted that the application was assessed as medium, recognising the ambitions of the project to help regenerate the area by attracting new interest and tourists and also providing learning opportunities for those disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was noted that the applicant still needed to undertake community engagement activity to ensure workshop spaces and open day spaces were filled and volunteers were recruited.

AGREED to award the Capaign for a Scottish Borders National Park (on behalf of Twelve Towers of Rule Team) the sum of £12,566, subject to the following conditions:


(i)      the applicant must follow Scottish Government Covid19 guidance;


(ii)     the Group must continue to liaise with SBC’s Archaeology Officer for the duration of this project and satisfy any Officer requirements, particularly before (towards a project design for the fieldwork),  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.


Community Ownership Funding

Information provided within additional information document at Item 14.


The Chair advised that the Community Ownership Fund was part of the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund and available for community groups looking to take over community assets which provided a community need and was at risk of being lost to the community.  It was stressed that community groups needed to have a well-developed business plan in place, were able to evidence community need, and could match funding.  The SBC Communities and Partnerships team was available to support groups interested in applying and information was available via a link in the additional information document circulated with the meeting agenda.



            NOTED the update.



Additional Information for Noting

For information on current consultations, community information and useful links, see the attached document.


For information on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, see the Area Partnerships’ information pack - Community engagement, planning and ownership | Area Partnership information pack | Scottish Borders Council (


The Chair highlighted additional information included with the agenda including links to the Area Partnership’s information pack and the Community Empowerment Act which were available on the Scottish Borders Council website.  Members were reminded that if there were any suggestions for additions to contact the Locality Development Co-ordinator.






Next Area Partnership Meeting

The next Area Partnership meeting is scheduled for 16 November 2021, with the agenda due to be issued on 2 November.


Are there any items you would like to propose for the agenda?  Please contact your local Councillor or the Communities and Partnership Team.


15.1     It was noted that the next Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership meeting would take place on 16 November 2021.  The Chair asked that if anyone wished to propose any items for the agenda to contact one of the Councillors, the Locality Development Co-ordinator, or another member of the Communities & Partnerships Team.

15.2     The frequency of meetings was discussed and whether there should be more frequent meetings of the Area Partnership, perhaps some specifically to consider funding applications.  It was noted that there may be challenges with capacity in holding additional meetings and this would be considered.

15.3     Ms Elborn asked that the availability of Scottish Borders Council resources to support community councils be added as an item on the agenda of the November meeting.  This should include consideration of having SBC staff putting information from Community Councils on the SBC website. 



(a)     NOTED the update.

(b)     AGREED to include SBC resources for Community Councils on the agenda of the November meeting of the Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership.



Any Other Formal Business


No matters were raised.



Future Meeting Dates

·         25 January 2022

·         22 March 2022

·         21 June 2022


The future meeting dates of the Teviot & Liddesdale Area Partnership were noted as:

-       16 November 2021

-       25 January 2022

-       22 March 2022

-       21 June 2022




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