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Welcome and Introductions


Councillor Richards welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership and introduced Cheryl Fowler, Local Area Coordinator and Shirley Cumming, Paraprofessional, Scottish Borders Council.



Order of Business


The Chairman varied the order of business as shown on the agenda and the Minute reflects the order in which the items were considered at the meeting.




Open Forum

Questions for Elected Members


The Electric Vehicle Charging Point at Newcastleton required servicing and there was now a delay in charging vehicles.  It was also highlighted that SB Cares’ electric vehicles were not equipped with their own chargers, which wasn’t practical and causing challenges for carers and their clients.  Officers would refer the issues to Street Lightening Team Leader and SB Cares’ Service Development Manager.


2.2       The Passenger Transport Manager had advised of a new government fund available for community groups to lease their own vehicles.  An update was requested by Newcastleton Community Council.   Denholm Community Council also requested an update on the funds available to communities to organise their own community transport system.   


2.3       Dark Sky – Newcastleton Community Council were keen to progress this strategy and would require to submit an application for funding to the community fund towards the costs of progressing the project.   Newcastleton CC would schedule a meeting with other interested community councils to discuss the project and funding required (Denholm, Upper Teviotdale & Borthwick Water, Hobkirk and Southdean community councils were interested in participating).


2.4       The Audit Commission’s Best Value Assurance Report of Scottish Borders Council had been published.  The report recommended that performance reporting required to be more comprehensive and include actions taken.  Ms Jardine advised that a report on the Audit Commission’s recommendations would be presented to Council on 19 December, and would include an action plan.  An update would be provided at the next meeting.


2.5       Area Partnership/Community Fund consultation.  Ms Malster explained that a report would be presented to Council detailing the outcome and recommendations from the consultation.  An update would be presented to the next meeting. 


  2.6     Pines Burn and Windy Edge Wind Farm appeals.

Southdean Community Council gave an update on a court case in England which might affect changes to planning application in the future.


2.7       Locality Working Groups – it had been advised that these would be reinstated to develop the Health and Social Care Integration action plan.  It was requested that an update be provided from the Chief Officer.


2.8       Safeguarding Scotland’s Remote & Rural Communities Consultation – It was queried why the Council had not responded to the consultation on the proposed Bill which would give powers to help smaller remote rural communities.  The Chairman would take forward and advise accordingly.




Feedback from Previous Meeting of 17 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 365 KB

Minute from meeting of 17 September 2019.  (Copy attached)


The Minute of the Meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership held on 17 September 2019 had been circulated.   A summary of the discussion and a review of priorities identified in the draft Teviot and Liddesdale Locality Plan had been attached as an Appendix to the Minute.    A range of comments were made including: improving communication, revisiting existing service reviews and working with partner organisations, such as the NHS, to sync appointments.  The Chair advised that since the meeting, Bus Users Scotland had carried out a consultation in Hawick and Newcastleton.  The feedback from which would be shared at the next meeting.



Teviot and Liddesdale Locality Plan - Health, Care and Wellbeing - Reducing isolation and social loneliness pdf icon PDF 302 KB

Presentations by Locality Co-ordination Team and What Matters Hub followed by a facilitated discussion.


Scottish Borders Council Local Area Co-Ordinator and Paraprofessional, Shirley Cummings were in attendance to give a presentation on reducing isolation and social loneliness in the Scottish Borders.  Ms Fowler began by advising that the community capacity building team focused on older adults (from age 50 years) to encourage social and physical activities in the community.  In each town in the borders, various groups had been set up, such as lunch clubs and gentle exercise classes which helped reduce isolation.   Ms Fowler explained that in Hawick there was already many activities in place.  However, one of the projects with which she had been involved, was the Trishaw project which would enhance the quality of life for the elderly in and around Hawick.  Other projects such as an indoor curling group in Newcastleton and Hawick afternoon dance club had proved successful.   However, volunteers were needed to keep these projects running and to enhance them and take forward.   Ms Fowler went on to explain that when someone was referred to the team, her role was to find out what they could access in their local community. This might be advising of activities in their locality that they might enjoy, or supporting them to attend activities.   Ms Fowler concluded by advising that the four key areas to reducing isolation were: partnership working with organisations; strategies to engage with potential volunteers; setting up a befriending organisation in Hawick; and, transportation to get people connected. 


4.2       Ms Cumming then gave an overview of What Matter’s Hub explaining that the Hub was where people from the community could access information, advice and support to help them remain in their own homes or get involved in the community.  At the Hub, which was situated in the Heart of Hawick, they were also able to meet with voluntary groups, social workers and occupational therapists. Ms Cumming explained that her role was to have effective conversations with people to find out their strengths, existing support and what community groups might assist. She was also able to put in place care packages (up to four hours per week).  Ms Cumming explained that this might involve putting someone in touch with the right organisation or activity and gave an example of the assistance provided to a gentleman to attend a regular music event.  The project was still evolving but the Hubs were in every locality throughout the Scottish Borders, with one in Newcastleton and one proposed for Denholm.

  4.3     The Federation of Village Hall was in attendance and made a request for volunteers to help the community with transportation. 


4.4       Following the presentation, the Chairman invited those present to take part in a round table discussion about reducing isolation and social loneliness in terms of potential options, solutions and actions within communities.  There was templates on the tables to aid the discussion on which points should be recorded.  A summary of the output of the discussion is attached as an appendix to this Minute. 



Teviot and Liddesdale Community Fund pdf icon PDF 86 KB

Teviot and Liddesdale applications


Copies attached of:-


·        Documents outlining Teviot and Liddesdale Community Fund – current position

·        Alchemy Film & Arts Community Fund Assessment for consideration

·        Borders Green Team Community Fund Assessment for consideration



Additional documents:


The Locality Development Co-Ordinator, Gillian Jardine, referred to documents which had been circulated and which were available at the meeting, which gave an overview of the Interim Community Fund and internal and external funding maps for Teviot and Liddesdale area.  She explained that there was a total 2019/20 budget allocation of £174,308 for the Teviot and Liddesdale Community Fund.  Within this fund, after committed allocations of £7,000 for Community Councils; £12,550 to Local Festivals; £4,729 to Village Halls; there was an available balance of £150,029 remaining in the Fund.  Regarding the committed allocations, Ms Jardine explained that these would remain for the 2019/20 financial year. However, would be reviewed as part of the Area Partnership/Community Fund consultation.   Details of applications to the Teviot and Liddesdale had been circulated. 


5.2       The first application, from Alchemy Film & Arts, requested £9.925 to part fund Once Upon a Time in Hawick – an exploration of the identities and stories of Hawick through film.   A representative from Alchemy was in attendance and gave a short introduction to the project.  The Partnership unanimously approved the application.  However, requested that as the project brought visitors into the town, consideration should be given to providing assistance from economic development to provide support for Alchemy from the Festivals budget, in the future


 5.3      It was agreed to approve the application for £9,925.00 from Alchemy Film & Arts


 5.4      The second application, from The Borders Green Team Enterprises (BGT) requested £4,948.20 to purchase new and updated garden machinery to replace BCT’s existing equipment which was old and beyond repair.   The Partnership unanimously approved the application.


 5.5      It was agreed to approve the application for £4,948.20 from The Borders Green Team Enterprise.


 5.6      It was noted that there was still £134k budget available.  Ms Jardine explained that applications needed to be submitted by mid-January for consideration at the next meeting and confirmed that match funding for projects was permissible and that any funding granted could be spent in the 2020/21 financial year.  The Partnership requested that as decision making was constrained because of the General Election, that Council considered ring fencing any remaining funds for the next financial year.  Ms Malster explained that this would be a decision for Council when considering the report on the Area Partnership/Community Fund consultation.



Community Empowerment Act Update - easy read pack


Ms Jardine advised that work was in progress on providing accessible information on the Act which would be shared at the next meeting.  The Bridge requested that they be part of this development.




Future Agenda Items for Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership


The Chairman asked the meeting for any suggestions/proposals for future agenda items or any items to be submitted to Ms Jardine for the next meeting.  It was requested that the layout of the room be changed so that the group could participate as a whole in any discussion and share issues or examples of good practice.  It was also asked that an audit identifying actions taken as a result of the meetings be circulated.



Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday, 18 February 2019


The next meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership was scheduled for Tuesday, 18 February 2020.  Councillor Richards thanked all those who had attended the meeting for their participation.



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