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Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Eildon Area Partnership and thanked Community Councillors, Partners and local organisations for their attendance.  Localities Development co-ordinator Kenny Harrow was introduced, who would be supporting Eildon Area Partnership in the future.



Feedback from meeting on 12 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 413 KB

Copy of minute attached.


The Minute of the meeting of the Eildon Area Partnership held on 12 September 2019 had been circulated. A summary of the discussion on ‘Community Transport: solutions and actions’ was attached as an appendix to the Minute. 



Eildon Locality Plan update pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Copy of draft Locality Plan attached.


Copies of the draft Eildon Locality Plan had been circulated with the agenda and paper copies supplied at the meeting.  Mr Harrow explained that the plan had been updated and re-worded to reflect priorities identified in round table discussions at previous meetings of the Eildon Area Partnership.  Included in the document was an action plan which would evolve over time.  In response to a question from the representative from Ettrick & Yarrow Community Council about how the plan would tie into the Council’s budget process the Chairman explained that Councillors would look at the themes from communities throughout the Borders and take these into account when looking at budget priorities. The public also had the opportunity to engage in the budget process through the on-line budget simulator.



Theme: Health, Care and Well-being - Social isolation and reducing loneliness pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Presentations by Locality Co-ordination Team and What Matters Hub followed by a facilitated discussion.


4.1       Health Care and Well-being – Social Isolation and reducing loneliness

            The Chairman welcomed to the meeting Sarah Horsman, SBC Occupational Therapist based in Galashiels and Harry Cotterill from the British Red Cross to talk about the community-led support programme ‘What Matters Hubs’. There were several  ‘What Matters Hubs’ across the Borders with the ‘mother’ hub being in Galashiels.  Leaflets were provided at the meeting giving details of opening times of hubs and information about how the hub could provide information and assistance.  The hubs offered drop-in sessions, a meeting point, networking and the facilitation of meetings with professionals, para professionals and people from community groups and voluntary organisations across the Borders.  What Matters Hubs were supported on a regular basis by the British Red Cross, with other providers attending when possible.  Mr Cotterill outlined some of the work taking place as part of this initiative. Assistance was given to clients to find support needed, such as equipment, transport or additional help to enable them to remain in their own home. Advice and information was provided about support available and events happening in their local area. Health and Social Care staff could also signpost people to relevant services.  Mr Cotterill went on to give more detailed examples of work carried out in connection with assisted discharge from hospitals and joint work in liaison with services such as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service and MacMillan Cancer Support.  Although people of all ages may be eligible for assistance from What Matters Hubs the majority of clients were over 60 years of age.  Eligibility was based around criteria which took into account each person’s circumstances.  Mr Cotterill spoke about the need to also reach out to outlying areas and assist with provision of access to community hubs.  Transport was often provided through Borders Community Transport but more volunteer drivers were needed.  Ms Horsman referred to the development of community hubs in smaller settlements within the Borders and gave examples.  The community at Ettrick Bridge managed their own community hub which had originally started as a ‘pop-up’ facility.  What Matters Hubs also worked closely with Telecare in making increasing use of technology in the care environment.  Ms Horsman and Mr Cotterill answered questions about the expansion of the initiative to other areas and how what Matters Hubs should be best promoted.  The presentation and contact details would be circulated following the meeting.


4.2       Following the presentation, the Chairman thanked Ms Horsman and Mr Cotterill for their attendance and invited those present to take part in a round table discussion about how to tackle social isolation and loneliness in the community.  A summary of the output of the discussion is attached as an appendix to this Minute.



Eildon Community Fund pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Eildon applications


Copies attached of:


o   Documents outlining Eildon Community Fund 2019/20 - current position

o   Application from Stable Life for consideration


Fast track applications approved:

Burgh Primary School Parent Council £1,500

Earlston Paths Group - £1,360.80




Additional documents:


Locality Development Co-ordinator, Gillian Jardine, referred to documents which had been circulated and which were available at the meeting giving an overview of the Interim Community Fund and internal and external funding sources in the Eildon area and the current balances available.  Attention was drawn to fast-track applications which had been approved, from Burgh Primary School Parent Council (£1,500) and Earlston Paths Group (£1,360.80).  Ms Jardine then asked for consideration of the application from the organisation Stable Life for a grant of £20,000 to part fund Stable Life’s annual rental cost and additional estate overhead costs of £41,228 for 2019/20. On the assessment form, which had been circulated and which was available at the meeting, the organisation gave an explanation of other funding sources and funds which were ring-fenced.  Stable Life supported annually around 100 disadvantaged young people aged 10 -18 years. Of the 104 young people referred last year 57 came from the Eildon area.  The application went on to give detailed information about the benefits of the project, support of the wider community, efforts to source funding and income generation.  Following assessment of the application the officer recommendation was to approve the application in full subject to a requirement for Stable Life to refresh their Business Plan and continue to explore income generation opportunities to reduce reliance on grant funding and to ensure core costs could be met.  The Chairman allowed 10 minutes for those present to discuss the application and receive answers to their questions, following which the recommendation to approve the funding application was agreed.



AGREED to grant £20,000 from the Eildon Community Fund to Stable Life, subject to a requirement to refresh their Business Plan and continue to explore income generation opportunities to reduce reliance on grant funding and to ensure core costs could be met.



Community Empowerment Act update - easy read pack


Mr Harrow directed those present to easy-read summaries which had been provided about the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act.  The quick guides gave information on the most significant parts of the Act including national outcomes; community planning; participation requests; community right to buy; asset transfer requests; delegation of Forestry Commissioner’s function; Football Clubs; Common Good Property; Allotments; participation in public decision-making; and on non-domestic rates



Future Agenda Items



The Chairman asked that suggestions for future agenda items for Eildon Area Partnership meetings to be forwarded to the Locality Development co-ordinator at



Open Forum

Questions for Elected Members


There were no questions for Elected Members


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday, 13 February 2020 – venue to be agreed.


The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting.




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