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Welcome and Introductions


1.0      WELCOME

1.1      The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.





Minute of Meeting pdf icon PDF 99 KB

Consider the Minute of the Meeting held on 13 September 2017.  (Copy attached.)


2.0       MINUTE

2.1       There had been circulated copies of the Minute of the Meeting of the Cheviot Locality Committee of 13 September 2017.



            AGREED to approve the Minute for signature by the Chairman.



Neighbourhood Small Schemes pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Consider spreadsheets A and B which seek approval for the proposed new Neighbourhood Small Schemes. (Copies attached.)

Additional documents:



3.1       With reference to paragraph 6 of the Minute of 13 September 2017, there had been circulated copies of Appendix A and B which detailed ongoing work and sought approval from the Locality Committee for the proposed new neighbourhood Small Schemes.  The Area Neighbourhood Manager advised that the allocated budget (£34,702) for small schemes was available through Neighbourhood Services for the Cheviot Area in 2017/18.  Approval of the schemes detailed below would result in a budget of £21,703 for future schemes.   In addition, a budget of £34,099 was available for Quality of Life Schemes in the Cheviot Area in 2017/18.  Approval of the schemes detailed below would result in a remaining budget of £15,020 in the Kelso and District Ward and £9,859 in the Jedburgh and District Ward for future schemes.  It had previously been agreed that this budget would be split equally between Kelso and District and Jedburgh and District Wards.   



(a)    APPROVED the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes:-


            (i)      Create formal bus stop at Riverside Drive, Kelso                  £1,225


(ii)     Form Pedestrian access at Stichill Play Area                         £1,332


      (iii)     Supply and install play equipment in Town Yetholm

                 Play Area                                                                                     £5,373


(iv)    Install 2 no. walker benches on circular walk near

          Lanton Village                                                                             £    54


(v)     Provide & Install picnic bench and table at Allerley

          Well Park, Jedburgh                                                                   £  780


(vi)    Repaint play equipment at Allerley Well Park, Jedburgh      £  740


(vii)   Supply gravel for footway at the Rampart, Jedburgh                         £ 445



(b)  APPROVED the following new Quality of Life Schemes for implementation:-


           (i)       Kelpie Maquettes, The Square, Kelso                                                 £2,050


      (ii)      Contribution towards planning application for Kelso Men’s

                 Shed                                                                                                          £   401


(iii)    carry out reinstatement to carriageway on Richmond Row,

          Jedburgh                                                                                                  £1,320


(iv)    Re-erect 15 no. headstones at Castlewood Cemetery, Jedburgh     £4,050 


(c)   AGREED to delegate authority to the Service Director for Assets and Infrastructure  to allocate funds for Quality of Life schemes in 2017/18 out with the scheduled Locality Committees when work was considered time critical, subject to approval by all Ward Members.



Ratify note of informal meeting held on 18 October 2017 pdf icon PDF 61 KB

(Copy attached.)


4.0       Locality Bid Fund - Ratify Note of Informal Meeting

4.1       With reference to paragraph 5 of the Scottish Borders Council Minute of 28 September 2017, there had been circulated copies of a note of an informal meeting of Cheviot Locality Committee held on 18 October 2017.  The purpose of the meeting was for Members to discuss and propose arrangements for the management of the Localities Bid Fund for the Cheviot area.  The Chairman answered questions in regard to voting methods, what sort of projects would be considered and what would happen to funds not allocated.   



AGREED to ratify the following:-


(a)   that £35,000 be the allocation from the first tranche of the Cheviot Localities Bid Fund;


(b)   that the allocation be aligned to all themes of the Community Plan; and


(c)   that no additional marketing was required.





Area Partnership Proposals pdf icon PDF 154 KB

Note report to full Council on 2 November 2017.  (Copy attached.)



5.1       With reference to paragraph 7 of the Council Minute of 2 November 2017, there had been circulated copies of a report by the Service Director Customer and Communities which detailed proposals on the functions, framework and initial membership, and future operation of Area Partnerships.  The report explained that to reflect the new statutory duties under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, it was proposed that the Locality Committees change their constitution, remit and focus to one of community engagement and involvement; at the same time it was proposed that they change their name to that of Area Partnerships to reflect this.  With the greater emphasis on community empowerment, participative budgeting, and locality planning – not just for the Council, but for other public authorities/services - their main aim would be to form a community engagement platform to develop priorities and outcomes for the area.  They would act as a community consultation body, not just for the Council but other service providers in the area, becoming a strong voice for their own area.  The report went onto explain that a number of options were considered in terms of core membership for the new Area Partnerships, with proposals being recommended to have the relevant SBC Ward members (voting) and 4 Community Council representatives (non-voting) as core members, with invitations to wider representatives – including the Community Planning partners and representatives from communities of interest - to attend and consider matters on a meeting by meeting basis.  Each Area Partnership could increase its core membership up to a maximum of 20.  It was also suggested that locality Community Council networks were set up in each of the 5 areas, but this would be for the Community Councils themselves to agree and manage. 


5.2       It was important that any change to the focus of Area Partnerships be reflected in their future operation.  The basis and format of these meetings would need to change to move away from the report-driven/officer presentation style of current meetings.  Meetings of Area Partnerships would be structured around the Locality Plan, with an open forum section, a themed section (from the Locality Plan), a progress update on the Locality Plan, and the final section on any decisions required by Councillors on Small Schemes, Quality of Life, or Pay Parking funding. 


5.3       The membership framework and functions of Area Partnerships were detailed in the Appendix to the report.  There were 2 functions from Locality Committees which would be considered in future by the Executive Committee, after consultation with local Members, and 2 functions which would be delegated to the Service Director Assets & Infrastructure in the Scheme of Delegation, and these were detailed in section 7 of the report.  It was further proposed that Area Partnerships be reviewed after 18 months in operation.  A development meeting was scheduled for 6 December 2017 and the Chairman asked that consideration be given to who would be invited to join the partnership. 






Police Force of Scotland - 'J' Division Spotlight pdf icon PDF 110 KB

Consider an update for the local Police Inspector detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Cheviot area.  (Copy attached.)



6.1       Inspector Scott was present at the meeting to update the Cheviot Locality Committee on performance, activities and issues across the Ward for the period 1 September 2017 to 31 October 2017.  During the reporting period, Inspector Scott advised that four persons had been charged with possessing a controlled substance within the Jedburgh area. Additionally one male was reported for production of a cannabis cultivation and supplying a controlled substance.  The cultivation was discovered when officers attended at an address in an outlying area of Jedburgh.   The Police would remain visible in the community to develop intelligence on people who deal in and use controlled drugs.  In terms of Road Safety, There had been very few incidents of note during the reporting period relating to road issues.  In the early morning of 21 October 2017, a passing motorist came across a one vehicle accident just north of Jedburgh on the A68.  The driver had exited the vehicle uninjured and when officers attended, the male was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was subsequently charged with a drink driving offence and reported accordingly.   On 20 October 2017 a report was received of careless driving.  The driver of a vehicle had overtaken another vehicle in a dangerous position, just north of Jedburgh.  The complainer needed to take evasive action to prevent a road crash and a positive line of enquiry was being progressed to trace the offending driver.  A number of road checks had been carried out, which resulted in one driver being issued with a fixed penalty notice for a speeding offence.   In terms of Anti-Social Behaviour, a number of individuals had been charged with causing a breach of the peace.  In terms of rural crime, it was reported that fuel theft had occurred in Jedburgh, Ancrum and St Boswells and enquiries were ongoing.  Overnight on 16/18 September 2017, pens containing partridges were opened near to Longleefoot Farm and the birds set free and overnight on 27/28 September 2017, a shed at Longnewton Sawmill was entered and property stolen, the rural location makes it difficult to establish who was responsible for this theft.


6.2       In terms of Kelso and District, police were investigating a fraud between the 23 and 26 October where an 85-year-old man was visited at home in Tweedsyde Park, Kelso.  Access was gained to his personal computer and a five figure sum of money removed from his bank account.  This was an unusual crime in that the culprits tricked their way into the home to commit the crime rather than doing this on the telephone or online.

Inquiries were ongoing to identify the suspect and communities were reminded never to let any unsolicited callers into their homes or provide them with access to any of your personal details or information.  Keeping your information safe is crucial and those involved in these crimes are simply looking for an easy victim.  In terms of road safety,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Scottish Fire and Rescue Services pdf icon PDF 374 KB

Consider update detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Cheviot Area.  (Copy attached.)



8.1       Don MacNeil, Station Manager explained that the purpose of the report circulated was to inform the Cheviot Area Forum on Scottish Fire and Rescue Service activity since the last meeting on 13 September 2017.  It was reported that Matt Acton had moved to the Response and Resilience Directorate based in Edinburgh.  The report detailed that during the period of the report there had been 3 Accidental House Fires 16; 1 Vehicle Fire and 1 refuse fire;    Special Services 7 and 21 unwanted Fire Alarm Signals.  In relation to partnership working, The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), Community Action Team (CAT) within the Scottish Borders core work centred on the on-going delivery of the SFRS Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV) policy.  The team continued to expand its partnership working with the Key agencies including Police Scotland, Health, Social Care and Housing in order to focus on members of local communities at High Risk from fire and achieve outcomes in helping to reduce overall numbers of accidental dwelling fires. 


8.2         Fire preventionand protection activity over recent years had been key to reducing the number of fires, casualties and losses in Scotland thus minimising the economic and social impact of fire on communities.  The seasonal community safety calendar provided the catalyst for a number of initiatives and schemes throughout the calendar year.


8.3         The Annual Resilient Community Coordinators evening took place at SBC bunker on 24 October 2017 with representatives from across the Borders - SFRS had provided an overview of the resources stationed in the Borders and the joint working being carried  out between resilient community groups and partner agencies including SFRS.  New ways to engage with the farming community were being investigated to provide advice and guidance regarding farm fire safety and security. Work had taken place in partnership with Police Scotland, the NFU, NFU Mutual and the Scottish Association of Young Farmers, where a number of positive engagement opportunities had been identified, including farm walk and talks, attending agricultural shows, markets and auctions, and engagement with young members of the farming community.

8.4         Cheviot Youth Group Initiative which involved Crews from Kelso Fire Station were taking part in an initiative to engage with the local Cheviot Youth Group at the Planet, Kelso.  This involved a series of visits and discussions around life in the fire service and included valuable safety messages, including fire safety in the home, bonfire night safety, water safety amongst other topics. It was a great opportunity for the firefighters to become positive role models for the young people of Kelso.  There had been 143 Level 1 conversations and 72 concerned referrals being made to the Cheviot Community Healthcare Team.  An evaluation of this trial was complete and it was anticipated that the initiative would be rolled out to the Teviot and Liddesdale locality in early 2018, with the aspiration to have it mainstreamed throughout the Scottish Borders.



NOTED the report.



Open Questions

Opportunity for members of the public to raise any issues not included on the Agenda.



9.1         As there was no representative present from NHS Borders, there was no update given.






10.1       There were no issues raised.






Community Council Spotlight

Consider any matters raised by Community Councils.



11.1       There were no new issues raised.






Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Cheviot Locality Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, 7 February 2018.  Venue to be confirmed.


12.0        DATE OF NEXT MEETING                    

12.1       The Chairman confirmed that the next meeting of the Cheviot Area Partnership scheduled for Wednesday, 6 December 2017 had been cancelled and the next meeting would be held on 7 February 2018 in the New High School, Kelso.



NOTED the date of the next meeting of the Cheviot Area Partnership and that the venue would be the new Kelso High School.



Business Considered in Private


Private Business


AGREED under Section 50A(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 to exclude the public from the meeting during consideration of the business detailed in the Appendix to this Minute on the grounds that they involved the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 12  of part 1 of Schedule 7A to the Act.





13.1        The Committee received an update form Mr Alan Gueldner on the progress of the work being undertaken on the High Street, Jedburgh.



The meeting concluded at 8.30 p.m.   



High Street, Jedburgh



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