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Open Forum


            The Chairman invited those present to raise any matter which was not included on the agenda.  The items raised and answers given were as follows:-

Community Councillor Lewin asked if it would be possible to form a Sub–Committee to look at the A701 road similar to the previous sub-committee which had dealt with the A72.  It was noted that the remit of the Committee was to change and this would be included as part of that consideration.  In the meantime the Clerk would circulate for information the remit of the A72 Sub-Committee.

Mr Ross Lowe asked if there was an overall road safety plan which included parking, pedestrians, rights of way etc. and he tabled some pictures of issues he had identified.  Councillor Haslam advised that Councillors had just met with Officers to discuss this subject and a number of matters would be considered including the use of yellow lines at the junctions he had identified.

Community Councillor Peebles asked that road safety in other areas also receive equal attention.  She commented on the expansion of Eddleston and the need for a safe crossing on the A703.  Councillor Chapman commented on a recent meeting and that processes to get a safer crossing for Eddleston were underway.



NOTED the issues raised and the actions being taken.



Minute pdf icon PDF 70 KB

Minute of Meeting held on 14 June 2017 to be noted and signed by the Chairman.  (Copy attached.)



There had been circulated copies of the Minute of the Meeting held on 14 June 2017. 



         NOTED for signature by the Chairman.



Local Development Plan - Public Events and Workshops

Briefing by the Lead Officer Plans and Research on events and workshops relating to the preparation of the new Local Development Plan.


Mr Charles Johnston, Lead Officer Plans and Research was present at the meeting and gave a briefing on the forthcoming events and workshops which would be held relating to the preparation of the new Local Development Plan.  The timeline for the plan commenced with the publication of the main issues report in Spring 2018 and ended with adoption in Spring 2021.  A series of public events around the Borders were going to be held with the event in Peebles being held on 28 September in the Burgh Hall.  The day would comprise a drop-in session in the afternoon and a workshop in the evening.  There would also be an extensive publicity campaign to try and reach as many people as possible.  Mr. Johnston encouraged people to participate in these events.  He was also happy to meet groups to talk about specific areas.  It was noted that there was draft legislation under consideration to simplify the planning process following the recent planning review but until this came into force the existing arrangements would continue.






Scottish Borders Health & Social Care Partnership

Presentation by Chief Social Work Officer.


Mrs Elaine Torrance, Chief Social Work Officer and Mr Stewart Barrie, Locality Co-Ordinator were in attendance at the meeting and gave a presentation on the Scottish Borders Health and Social Care Partnership.  Each of the five Locality areas had a working group which had prepared locality plans which outlined the key priorities and action plan developed for each locality.  These plans were now being consulted on and a paper containing a summary of the Tweeddale Action Plan priorities was tabled at the meeting.  The main priorities were to increase and improve the range of care and support options, the availability and accessibility of services, the availability of locally based rehabilitation and the range of housing options.  Mrs Torrance advised that to date only 4 responses had been received from the Tweeddale Area and encouraged those present to submit comments by the closing date of 16 September.  Mrs Torrance answered questions including the need for an alternative model of support for mental health, the use of technology to supplement some home care visits and advised that work on the provision of supported housing and assessment of care home needs was ongoing.  She also commented on the Government Primary Care Transformation Programme which encouraged the use of other health care professionals to cover services which did not need to be carried out by a Doctor that in turn would allow them to focus on their core function and reduce appointment waiting times.  In response to a comment on the fact that some terms were not properly explained in the document, Mr Barrie advised that a Glossary of Terms had been requested.



NOTED the presentation.



Neighbourhood Small Schemes and Quality of Life pdf icon PDF 154 KB

Consider report by Service Director Assets & Infrastructure.  (Copy attached.)


There had been circulated copies of a report by the Service Director Assets and Infrastructure seeking approval for proposed new schemes to be funded from the Quality of Life and Small Schemes budgets.  The report listed the schemes which had been requested and recommended that they be approved.  The report also sought delegated authority for the Service Director to approve future proposals subject to consultation with local Members.  One of the proposed schemes was a contribution of £8,000 to improve the football pitch at Whitestone Park and members of the football club who were present at the meeting explained that these improvements were essential to meet East of Scotland Football League minimum requirements.  Councillor Haslam, seconded by Councillor Small, moved that the football club be granted the full £10,000 to carry out the improvements.  This was unanimously approved subject to the Club also using any funds raised to supplement these improvements.  Councillor Bell proposed that as the Committee was to meet more frequently in the future and to allow the input from Community Council members that the recommendation to give delegated authority be not approved.  It was agreed that the Chairman discuss the best way to facilitate future decision making with the Service Director.




            (a)        to approve the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes for implementation:-


                        (i)         Renovate the surface adjacent to the A72 from Innerleithen to Caerlee Corner £9,365; and


                        (ii)        Replace/install 31 Street Name plates/ Speed awareness/sports facilities signs throughout Tweeddale £1,650


            (b)       to approve the following Quality of Life Schemes for Implementation:-


                        (i)         Supply and install anti slip strips along the boardwalk at Alexandra Park, Walkerburn £3,654; and


                        (ii)        Contribute to improvements to the football pitch and surrounds at Whitestone Park, Peebles £10,000.


            (c)        that the Chairman discuss with the Service Director Assets and Infrastructure how future decision making might be facilitated.



Police Scotland

Update by Inspector T. Hodges.


Inspector Tony Hodges was present at the meeting and provided an update on police activity in the area.  He commented on the recent tragic murder in Peebles and the fatal accident in Tweedsmuir which highlighted the benefits of national specialist resources.  These events also had an impact on local resources with officers only now returning to their core duties.  There had been an increase in anti-social behaviour and vandalism in Peebles.  Increased patrols and engagement with schools were among the range of actions being taken in response to this.  He highlighted the need for any unacceptable behaviour to be reported at the time so that this could be properly dealt with.  In response to criminals travelling from the Edinburgh and Lothian areas nightshift activity had been increased and businesses were being encouraged not to keep cash in their premises overnight and to display notices to this effect on their doors.  Inspector Hodges also reported on a very positive meeting held in West Linton the previous evening with a view to setting up a new Neighbourhood Watch.  Crime prevention, Special Constable recruitment and the newly formed Police Scotland Youth Volunteers had all been discussed and he encouraged other Community Councils to consider this sort of activity.  A local company, Veloeye, had been set up to discourage bicycle theft in the area with the use of a mobile phone app. It was noted that while Sgt Duncan Marker had returned to duty, PC Niki Craig was absent following injury during a violent arrest so it might not be possible to have an officer in attendance at all Community Council meetings.  Members paid tribute to the work of Police Officers over the recent weeks.



         NOTED the report.



Scottish Fire and Rescue Service pdf icon PDF 375 KB

Update by Station Manager S. Mitchell.  (Copy attached)


In the absence of Station Manager Stephen Mitchell a report on recent activity had been circulated.



            NOTED the report.



Update on Locality Committee and Participative Budgeting

Update by the Chairman and discussion.


The Chairman advised that there were to be further changes to the future operation of the Committee which would become the Tweeddale Area Partnership.  The Partnership would be charged with drawing together all the various plans for the area and agreeing what the local priorities should be.  A wide level of community engagement was required and it was intended that meetings would be held in different locations across the Tweeddale Area.  With regard to participative budgeting, any organisation or individual could submit bids for how the money should be spend and the public would vote to determine which bids would be successful.  Detailed plans for this were currently being drawn up and the final proposals would be considered by the Council at their meeting on 28 September 2017.  The Chairman answered questions regarding how the public would vote, types of bids which would be considered and the preparing of locality plans.  It was noted that voting would be carried out by a combination of methods including telephone and on-line, bids would need to accord with local priorities and initially each of the 5 areas would feed into a Borders wide plan.



NOTED the position.






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