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Minute of the meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Locality Committee of 14 November 2017 to be approved.  (Copy attached).


There had been circulated copies of the Minute of the meeting held on 14 November  2017.



AGREED to approve the Minute of the Meeting held on 14 November 2017.



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Consider report by Service Director Neighbourhood Services (Copy attached).

Additional documents:


With reference to paragraph 5 of the Minute of 14 November 2017, there had been circulated a report by Service Director Assets and Infrastructure seeking approval for the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes from the Locality Committee:  refurbishment of Hobkirk Cemetery Gates and painting of notice board; repair of footpath adjacent to Princes Street, Hawick; cutting back of four trees on grassed area at Weensland Road, Hawick; resurface of path and installation of drop kerb at Langholm Street, Newcastleton.  The following Quality of Life Schemes also required approval:  Painting of metalwork and replacement of Perspex on the sides of the bus shelter at Dovemount Place, Hawick; supply and installation of replacement notice board at Burnfoot, Hawick.   The Neighbourhood Area Manager, Mr Dunlop, updated Members on the progress of schemes since the agenda had been published and it was noted that the felling of three conifer trees, at the rear of Wilton Hill Terrace, Hawick, had now been completed. 




(a)        The following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes for implementation:-


            (i)         Refurbish Hobkirk cemetery gates and paint notice board        £  680


            (ii)        Repair footpath adjacent to Princes Street, Hawick                    £1,200


            (iii)       Cut back four trees at Weensland Road, Hawick                         £  480


            (iv)       Resurface path and install drop kerb at Langholm Street,

                        Newcastleton                                                                                                £1,268


(b)       The following new Quality of Life Schemes for Implementation:-


            (i)         Paint metalwork and replace Perspex in the sides of the bus

                        Shelter at Dovemount Place, Hawick                                             £1,332


            (ii)        Supply and install replacement notice board at Burnfoot            £574



(c)        NOTED

(i)         The updates on previously approved Neighbourhood Small Schemes in 2017/18 as detailed in Appendix A to the report; and


(ii)        The updates on previously approved Quality of Life Schemes in 2017/18 as detailed in Appendix B to the report.




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Update report by Police Inspector detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Teviot and Liddesdale Area. (Copy attached).


There had been circulated a report from Inspector Carol Wood, Police Scotland, updating the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Locality Committee on performance and activities in the area since the last meeting.  Inspector Wood referred to the Ward priorities; in summary, with regard to the Drug Dealing and Misuse priority, Inspector Wood advised that following a house search in Borthwick Road, on 28 November, a 47 year old male had been charged with the production and possession of a Class B drug.  In terms of the Road Safety priority one driver had been reported for driving without insurance, one fixed penalty had been issued for speeding and one warning given for the antisocial use of a vehicle.  With regard to the Violent Crime priority, a male was attacked in North Bridge Street when he had intervened in a fight between two males.  Enquiries were still ongoing into this incident. Also during the reporting period, eight police warnings were given for antisocial behaviour as well as two fixed penalty notices.   Inspector Wood referred to the escalation in antisocial behaviour within Hawick High School.   Police Officers had met with educational staff and council officials and as a result it had been agreed to a police presence within the school, to support teachers and take appropriate action against the minority of youths causing issues for the majority of pupils.   The Committee paid tribute to officers, teachers, staff and pupils who had worked to resolve the difficulties at the High School. 


3.2       Inspector Wood went on to advise that the Police had been contacted regarding a pack of dogs out hunting near Scaurend.  Details had been obtained and the local Wildlife Crime Officer was pursuing enquiries into the incident.   Inspector Wood also referred to Police Scotland’s Festive Safety initiative which covered a number of aspects of personal, public and road safety, including encouraging the public to sign up to the free messaging SB Alert to receive updates on crime, scams, weather warnings, road closures and other emergencies.   Police Scotland had also launched the Don’t Buy It Don’t Supply It campaign, this related to parental purchase of alcohol for teenagers and to anyone supplying alcohol to someone under 18 years of age.  This could result in significant fines or a three month jail sentence for offenders.  In conjunction, the festive Drink Drive campaign was also underway.  Inspector Wood reminded members of the public that they could notify Police anonymously through Crimestoppers if they suspected anyone of drunk driving.  The phone number was 0800 555 111.   Inspector Wood concluded her report by advising that the 16 Days of Action campaign, to end violence against women, had just concluded with the launch of Police Scotland’s media campaign to tackle domestic abuse over the festive period.  Further information relating to this campaign could be found on Police Scotland’s website.   In response to a question regarding accidents on the A698, particularly between Denholm and Hawick, Inspector Wood advised that any accidents were investigated and this route received additional police  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Open Questions

Opportunity for members of the public to raise any issues not included on the agenda.



Mr Cuthbert, Newcastleton Community Council, advised that flooding at Ettleton Cemetery was of concern and that drainage was required.   Mr Dunlop explained that legally the Council could not drain a cemetery; he suggested that he meet with Mr Cuthbert out-with the meeting to discuss further.   Reference was also made to the proposed installation of textured road surfacing at Chesters, Denholm and Newcastleton.  Mr Dunlop advised that given the condition of the existing road surface at these locations, officers had reservations about the installation and considered that it would not be cost effective.  Members would be discussing options with officers and would advise of the outcome.   The closure of the Royal Bank of Scotland was discussed.  The Chairman advised that a letter had been sent to the Bank’s Chief Executive from the six Ward Councillors, stating the importance of retaining the branch in Hawick. 






Community Council Spotlight

Consider matters of interest to Community Councils.



Mrs Knight, Burnfoot Community Council, advised that following a by-election, the community council had welcomed a new member, whom at 16 years of age was the youngest member of a community council in the Scottish Borders.   Mrs Knight also advised that on the 7 December, the Christmas lights had been switched on.  Father Christmas would be visiting Burnfoot on Christmas Eve, details would be advertised.   


  5.2     Mr Robson, Upper Teviot and Borthwick Water Community Council, advised that there were now three defibrillators in situ within the community.  The Community Council had also been promoting the resilient community initiative and part of the community had signed up to the scheme.   The funding received from timber transportation was being utilised for road repairs.  However, forestation continued to be of concern.


5.3       Mr Griffiths, Hobkirk Community Council, highlighted that banners promoting Denholm Folk Festival had been removed.  He had been advised that banners advertising such events were only permitted one week prior to the event and then only if the event was for charity.  The community council considered this Council policy was inflexible and should be changed.   With regard to windfarms, the Council’s Planning Committee had unanimously rejected the Pines Burn application.  If there was an appeal the community would be in the same situation as with Birneyknowe; there was a concern that the Scottish Government were overturning such decisions and not taking into consideration local opinion.   Mr Griffiths further advised that the broadband cabinet had been installed.  However, all the slots had already been allocated.    With regard to proposed roadworks that had not been notified to the community council, Councillor Ramage agreed to forward on details.


5.4       Mr Kerr, Southdean Community Council, also referred to the installation of a cabinet for broadband.  However, they had found that it had not improved the service they received.  They would continue to pursue digital connectivity in 2018. 


5.5       Ms Howlett, Upper Liddesdale and Hermitage Community Council, advised that they had responded to the scoping report for the proposed Cliff Hope Community Wind Farm.  In their response, they had reflected that the community council represented local farmers as well as people who had just moved to the area.   The Community Council considered that the government, in their promotion of windfarms and forestation, did not consider the impact of their proposals on local communities.   


5.6       Newcastleton Community Council, advised that works had recommenced on the new fuel station which was welcomed.   The flood prevention team had given a presentation at the last meeting, outlining work undertaken so far to determine the best flood solution for the village and surrounds.  Mr Cuthbert also referred to the impact forestry had on communities and that there should be some form of compensation.  Mr Cuthbert concluded his report by advising that Mr Campbell from BT Open reach would be attending their next meeting.  



NOTED the reports.




Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partership Committees

To note suggested dates for Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership Committees:


Tuesday, 20 February 2018 at 6.30 pm

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 at 6.30 pm

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 at 6.30 pm.



The dates of the new Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership Committees were noted.  In response to a question, the Chairman reassured community councillors that although there was not a community spotlight item proposed for future agendas, they would still be able to raise any concerns through the open forum discussion. Through the Local Community Council Network, community councils were already working well together and this would continue.  It was noted that there would be a joint representative from Newcastleton and Hermitage, Southdean and Hobkirk, and, Hawick and Burnfoot on the new Area Partnership Committee. The Chairman ended the meeting by expressing his sincere thanks to community councillors, officers and representatives for their attendance and input to the Area Forums and Locality Committees which had been invaluable. 



NOTED the first meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership was scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 20 February at Hawick High School.  Time to be advised.   





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