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Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed those present to the first meeting of the Berwickshire Locality Committee.  Those in attendance were then invited to stand for a minute’s silence to mark the loss of lives during the fire at Grenfell Tower in London on 14 June 2017.



Appointment of Vice-Chair


The Chairman invited nominations for the role of Vice-Chairman.  Councillor Laing was proposed by Councillor Fullarton and seconded by Councillor Rowley.  Councillor Laing was duly appointed as Vice-Chair.



AGREED that as there were no other nominations, Councillor H Laing was duly appointed as Vice-Chair.



Minute pdf icon PDF 89 KB

Minute of the meeting of Berwickshire Area Forum of 2 March 2017.  (Copy attached.)


There had been circulated copies of the Minute of 2 March 2017. 



NOTED the Minute for signature by the Chairman.



Matters Arising


4.1       Berwickshire Flag

With reference to paragraph 3 of the Minute of 2 March 2017, the Chairman advised that there was no further information to report at this juncture.  Further attempts would be made to progress this item and an update would be presented to the next meeting of the Committee.






Neighbourhood Small Schemes pdf icon PDF 132 KB

  Report by Service Director Assets and Infrastructure.  (Copy attached.)



There had been circulated copies of a report by the Service Director Assets and Infrastructure seeking approval from the Berwickshire Locality Committee for a number of proposed new Neighbourhood Small Schemes.  The report advised that the current budget available for Small Schemes in the Berwickshire area was £48,200 and that £40,898 would remain should all the proposed schemes be approved.  In response to a request for clarification, Mr Silcock summarised the Neighbourhood Small Scheme and explained how requests from the budget were raised and processed.



(a)          APPROVED the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes for implementation:-



(i)            Install 2 benches at the new disaster memorial, overlooking the Harbour, Eyemouth




(ii)          Supply 1 x 3 tiered planter and plants and soil for the village enhancement group, Burnmouth




(iii)       Supply plants, planters and soil for Eyemouth Enhancement Group




(iv)         Supply plants for Coldingham Garden Party




(v)        Repair parking area play park Hutton




(vi)       Supply 1 x 3 tiered planter and plants for Duns Enhancement Group and topsoil for flower beds




(vii)      Supply bench and tidy up existing benches and supply 3 picnic benches in Burnmouth




(viii)     Supply 1 barrel for Paxton Village





(ix)       Supply grass strimmer for Westruther Floral gateway committee





(x)        Supply a new bench for the boardwalk, Duns







(xi)       Supply 2 picnic benches and 1 planter and topsoil for the Loaning, Auchencrow




(xii)      Supply planters at Cowdrait




(xiii)     Supply soil and stones for boat installed at the Toll Junction, Eyemouth




AGREED  to delegate authority to the Service Director for Asset and Infrastructure to allocate funds for small schemes in 2017/18, out with the scheduled Area Locality Committee when work is considered time critical, subject to consultation with all six Berwickshire Members and approval by at least three Berwickshire Members.



Scottish Fire and Rescue Service pdf icon PDF 690 KB

Quarterly update report by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.  (Copy attached.)


6.1       There had been circulated copies of a report by Scottish Fire and Rescue informing the Locality Committee of activity in the area since the beginning of March 2017.  Station Manager Matt Acton was in attendance to highlight the main points of the report.  In summary, there had been 3 occurrences of fires in houses/buildings with 2 casualties recorded; 11 other fire incidents with no casualties; 10 Special Service incidents resulting in 4 casualties; and 27 non-deliberate unwanted fire alarm signals involving commercial/industrial premises.  Station Manager Acton advised that work continued with local businesses to reduce these incidents on an ongoing basis.  The report went on to inform Members of continued activity which had occurred and which was currently taking place in Berwickshire and the measures being taken to address issues identified within the area.  The spring Thematic Action Plan had recently closed, with an evaluation of the Plan underway.  The summer Action Plan was now underway and would focus on deliberate fires; summer safety; water safety; and wildfire and outdoor safety.  The report also provided an update on the recruitment of firefighters and it was noted that posts for Retained Duty Firefighters had been filled in Duns (1), Eyemouth (2) and Coldstream (2) with applications for further vacancies being processed.  Discussion followed and Station Manager Acton responded to questions raised by Members.


6.2       Also attached as an appendix to the report was the Scottish Borders Local Fire and Rescue Plan Review 2014 – 2017 which aligned to the national Strategic Plan and added local context by reflecting priorities for the Scottish Borders.  As part of this review, Station Manager Acton invited comment on the current Local Plan and explained that feedback received would inform the 2017 - 2020 Plan scheduled for publication in 2017.  The Chairman thanked Station Manager Acton for his attendance.



NOTED the report.



Police Scotland

Quarterly update report by Police Scotland.  (To follow.)


7.1       There had been circulated copies of a report by Community Inspector John Scott updating the Locality Committee on Police Scotland performance, activities and issues across wards for the period up to 15 June 2017 and to look at events linking in with the ward priorities in the coming months.  The planning for local events across Berwickshire was well underway for the summer events and communities had engaged with the Scottish Borders Council Safety Advisory Group (SAG) process to ensure that events ran safely and as smoothly as possible.  The report highlighted the Ward priorities in each of the two Berwickshire Wards and the work that Police Scotland was taking forward to address these issues.  In East Berwickshire the priorities were road safety, misuse of drugs, rural thefts, and antisocial behaviour; for Mid-Berwickshire, they included road safety, inconsiderate driver behaviour, and antisocial behaviour.  The report referred to a search of a property in the Longformacus area where a number of items were found relating to suspected wildlife crimes.  Enquiries were ongoing into this incident.  Reference was also made to national counter terrorism week, the ongoing work by Police Scotland and partners to ensure that communities remained alert and vigilant and the ways in which individuals could report suspicious people and behaviour.  Inspector Scott reiterated the Stay Safe principle of “Run, Hide, Tell” and advised that full details could be accessed on the Police Scotland website at


7.2       A number of questions were raised by Community Councils.  In response to concerns about traffic behaviour at the A1 junction at Reston and in and around Paxton, Inspector Scott explained the way in which traffic cameras were utilised and that in certain circumstances, utilisation of transport vehicle patrol cars could be more appropriate.  Inspector Scott would investigate this further.  Concern was also expressed in relation to the potential risks caused by long vehicles using the cement works junction to the A1.  The Chairman thanked Inspector Scott for his attendance.



NOTED the report.



Open Questions

Opportunity for members of the public to raise any issues not included on the agenda.


8.1       Reston Station

Discussion took place in relation to Reston Station.  A meeting was scheduled to take place between Transport Scotland, Network Rail and the Scottish Transport Minister and it was noted that the CP6 was due to commence in 2019.  It was anticipated that a joint letter from the Berwickshire Elected Members and Mr Paul Wheelhouse MSP would be sent to the Scottish Government in support of the next stage of development of a station at Reston.







Community Spotlight


No items were raised at the meeting.






Locality Committees


            The Chairman advised those present that the Area Fora were now known as Locality Committees.  He gave a brief explanation of the role and responsibilities of the Locality Committees and advised that the detail of how they would operate would be developed over the coming months.  Further information would be presented in due course and updates provided when available.






Dates of Future meetings

The schedule of meetings of the Berwickshire Locality Committee is as follows:-


            Thursday 7 September 2017

            Thursday 30 November 2017

            Thursday 1 March 2018

            Thursday 7 June 2018


Future meetings of the Berwickshire Locality Committee were scheduled for:-


7   September 2017;

30 November 2017;

1 March 2018; and

7 June 2018.







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