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Minute pdf icon PDF 74 KB

Minute of Meeting held on 4 March 2020 for noting (copy attached).


The Minute of Meeting of the Innerleithen Common Good Fund Sub-Committee held on 4 March 2020 had been circulated.



APPROVED the Minute for signature by the Chairman.



Financial Monitoring Report for 12 months to 31 March 2020 and Proposed Budget for Financial Year 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 141 KB

Consider Report by the Executive Director, Finance & Regulatory (copy attached).


There had been circulated copies of a report by the Executive Director, Finance & Regulatory providing details of the assets held by the Innerleithen Common Good Fund as at 31 March 2020, a full year revenue out-turn for 2019/20 and projected balance sheet values as at 31 March 2021.  Detail on income and expenditure for the year to 31 March 2020 was provided in Appendix 1 to the report.  Appendix 2 provided actual balance sheet values as at 31 March 2020, which showed an increase in the reserves of £257,414 due to the revaluation of properties. The report explained that all fixed assets of the Common Good Fund were revalued every five years as part of the Council’s rolling programme.  The fixed assets were revalued at 1 April 2019 resulting in an increase of £288,644.  The property portfolio in Appendix 3 showed the difference in value from 31 March 2019 to 31 March 2020 for the individual properties.




(a)      NOTED within the appendices to the report:-


            (i)         the actual income and expenditure for 2019/20 in Appendix 1;


(ii)        the final balance sheet value as at 31 March 2020 in Appendix 2; and


(iii)       the summary of the property portfolio in Appendix 3.


(b)      AGREED the proposed budget for 2020/21 as shown in Appendix 1.



Innerleithen Memorial Hall

Update from User Group.


With reference to paragraph 3 of the Minute of 4 March 2020, the Chairman welcomed Mr Ross McGinn to the meeting to give an update on behalf of the Memorial Hall User Group.  Mr McGinn explained that completed work had resulted in an office, attic space and 2 large rooms being available for let, providing an income for Live Borders.  Improvements had been carried out in the kitchen including the installation of an extractor fan.  In partnership with Live Borders, the User Group had put together a list of priorities for future improvements.  In response to a question, Mr McGinn explained that there had been good engagement from local groups in the work being carried out to make the hall more appealing for use. There remained some outstanding electrical works in the building, which were the responsibility of Scottish Borders Council.  The Estates Surveyor agreed to arrange for this to be investigated.





(a)        the update on work carried out in the Memorial Hall; and


(b)       that the Estates Surveyor would arrange for a technician to investigate the electrical works that were required.



War Memorial and Garden



With reference to paragraph 4 of the Minute of 4 March 2020, the Chairman explained that a proposed design for the metal wreath holder had been circulated to Members and agreed.  It unfortunately had not been made in time for Remembrance Day 2020 but the Chairman agreed to follow this up on behalf of the Sub Committee.  Discussion continued on the state of the garden, adjacent to the hall, which was looking rather unkempt.  In referring to the heather and bushes which covered the ground, Members agreed that this more natural appearance was desirable for this particular garden but that it had been neglected and was basically overgrown.  Mr McGinn confirmed that the Innerleithen Community Trust would be happy to take on a project to tidy the garden and to put forward a proposal for consideration.  Members agreed to this suggestion and added that funding may be available through the Community Fund or Small Schemes budget to cover the costs of the work required.



AGREED that the Innerleithen Community Trust put forward for consideration a proposal for the improvement of the garden adjacent to the Innerleithen Memorial Hall.





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