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Appointment of Chairman


Councillor Bell, seconded by Councillor Haslam, proposed that Councillor Tatler be appointed as Chairman.



AGREED that Councillor Tatler be appointed as Chairman of the Innerleithen

Common Good Fund Sub Committee.



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Minute of Meeting held on  21 March 2017 for noting (copy attached).


2.1       The Minute of Meeting of the Innerleithen Common Good Fund Sub-         Committee held on 21 March 2017 had been circulated.



NOTED the Minute.


2.2       With reference to paragraph 4 of the Minute, regarding the condition of Innerleithen Memorial Hall, it was noted that there had, to date, been no update received from Live Borders regarding the letting of office space within the Hall to generate income to fund internal improvement work.  It was noted that there were particular terms and conditions relating to the title of the property which may complicate the feasibility of offering year round office accommodation for rent.   It was agreed this should be put on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting.



AGREED that in respect of the possible letting of office space in Innerleithen Memorial Hall to raise revenue:-


(i)        the Solicitor investigate the terms and conditions relating to the title of the property; and


(ii)      the Estates Manager seek a response from Live Borders to establish the position as to whether office accommodation could be sub-let or released from part of their tenancy.



Former Provosts Chain pdf icon PDF 93 KB

Consider briefing paper by Chief Financial Officer providing an update on the repair of the Former Provosts Chain (copy attached).

Additional documents:


3.1      With reference to paragraph 3 (i) (a) of the Minute of 21 March 2017, there had been     circulated a Briefing Paper by the Chief Financial Officer providing an update on funding the repair of the Former Provosts’ Chain.  It was explained that the former Provosts’ Chain was securely stored on the Common Good’s behalf by Live Borders.  The Chain was valued in 1988 at a replacement value of £7k and the current replacement value was estimated at £20k. The Chain was on display to the public, at St Ronan’s Wells visitor centre, in a secure display case throughout the annual museum season. Whilst the Chain was under the control of Live Borders it was fully covered by their insurance. Annually, during the St Ronan’s Border Games Week, the Chain left the control of Live Borders and was worn by the Chairman of the St Ronan’s Games Committee.  During that period it was agreed that the Games Committee would ensure appropriate insurance.  With regard to the costs of repairing the pendant section, a letter dated 16 March 2017 from Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh, was appended to the Briefing Note containing two quotes; one to re-attach the small scroll by glue and the other for a full refurbishment. The Common Good Sub Committee had agreed in principle at the meeting on 21 March 2017 to fully refurbish the Chain and Pendant at a cost of £4,654 plus VAT.  However, on investigation of funding options, no funding within Scottish Borders Council’s budgets had been identified for the refurbishment work. A table detailed the funding options reviewed as follows: there were no cash funds held by Innerleithen Common Good; the Quality of Life Funds had been allocated for 2017/18; and the project did not meet the criteria for funding from Awards for All or Pay & Display.


3.2      In the ensuing discussion Councillor Tatler explained that Innerleithen Community Council had agreed, at a recent meeting, to the principle of a fundraising campaign to pay for the full refurbishment of the pendant if a person could be found who was willing to organise this.  The Games Committee may also be willing to help with this.  Noting that the repair work was likely to take 12 -16 weeks, there was an ambition to arrange for the repair to be completed by next year’s St Ronan’s Border Games Week.  Members offered to speak to appropriate persons who may be willing to organise a campaign.



AGREED to encourage Innerleithen Community Council and St Ronan’s Games Committee to actively support a fundraising campaign to pay for the full refurbishment of the former Innerleithen Provosts’ chain and pendant.



Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 2 November 2017 at 3.00 pm


Thursday 2 November, 2017.







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