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The Chairman welcomed Community Councillor Lamb and Inspector Bennett to their first meeting of the Sub-Committee.


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Consider Minute of Meeting of 24 March 2016. (copy attached).


The Minute of meeting of the Tweeddale Area Forum A72 Action Sub-Committee held on 24 March 2016 had been circulated.






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(Copy attached.)

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3.1    There had been circulated copies of (a) prioritised list of works on the A72; and (b) Works Programme  for the Tweeddale Area, detailing (i) programme of capital works – roads; (ii) programme of revenue works – roads; (iii) programme of capital works – bridges; (iv) programme of revenue works – bridges; and (v) programme of capital works – street lighting. The Network Manager referred to the prioritised list of works report and referred to the difficulty of the department in getting these into the capital programme owing to the requirements of the school estate and social work.  The Asset Manager explained that the works programme for Tweeddale Area for 2016/17 had been circulated to Members last week and Community Councils had today been issued with the information.   The Asset Manager advised that if urgent repairs were needed Officers looked at what was outstanding and reprioritised the areas of work.   The Asset Manager undertook to ascertain if the A72 had received any unexpected benefits from the Bellwin Scheme and advise members accordingly.    Inspector Bennett advised that the vast majority of problems were related to speeding issues. It was noted that the Council’s statistics on accident figures were different from that of Police Scotland because the Council’s figures were based a calendar year and Police Scotland’s figures were based on a financial year.   Inspector Bennett would advise Members of the Sub-Committee if there were any road engineering issues. 


3.2    An email from Councillor Bell had been tabled at the meeting advising on several issues relating to red bits of road at entrances to various towns and villages needing refreshing;  white (extra grip) surfaces were unduly worn at the approach onto the Nest Roundabout from Clovenfords and the section just before the entrance to Holylee House.   The central white line was disappearing near the entrance to Holylee House.   Councillor Bell considered that crash barriers were needed at two sections of the A72 between Clovenfords and Walkerburn.  Clovenfords Community Council had asked why the footpath on the south side of the A72 running from Clovenfords to the Caddonlee entrance stopped there and did not run on until the Nest roundabout.  Clovenfords Community Council also wondered why both Innerleithen and Walkerburn merited “count-down” signs leading up to the 30 mph on both sides of their town/village but this was not seen as necessary for Clovenfords.  Two pot holes needed repairs – in front of the bus stop on the south side of the road just before the turnoff to Caddonfoot and just after the small bridge as you travelled towards Walkerburn past the Holylee House entrance.    Councillor Bell was in agreement with the general prioritisation as detailed in the Officer’s report.    The Chairman advised that Councillor Bell had asked that a report on Caerlee Corner be considered at the next meeting of the Tweeddale Area Forum to be held on 25 May 2016.  






Community Councillors' Views on the A72


Community Councillor Lamb advised that substantial areas of the A72 were in a poor state of repair.   Much of the road between Peebles and the entrance to Castle Craig hospital was characterised by corroded edges and patched potholes.   The overall impression of the road was that the surface was generally poor, rough and uneven.   It was not possible to list particular points in the road as there were potholes and damaged edges on most parts of the road.   Potholes were often in groups and although they had been patched, were still rough and uneven.  In places the patched potholes were right across the road making them difficult to avoid.   Between Castle Craig and the junction with the A701, the road had been resurfaced and remedial work had been carried out at the junction to allow school transport to use the road as planned.   Work to deal with flooding between Happrew and the five mile bridge was underway as that part of the road had been badly affected and damaged by running water throughout the winter.   The Community Council would not be able to assess the effectiveness of this work until later in the year.   The junction of the A72 and the A701 remained problematic due to its position on the side of a hill and there were still regular near misses.  It would be useful to have a speed limit there and it could be incorporated into a limit which would also cover the village of Blyth Bridge.  Further towards Skirling, the road continued to be damaged and patched in many places.   The area at the bend near Mountbog was under water for large parts of the winter and subject to temporary traffic lights for a long period.   This remained an area of risk from flooding and the road remained damaged and uneven.   Through Skirling the road continued to be in a very poor state with parts crumbling at the edges and potholes right across the road.  Beyond Skirling the improvement in the overall surface and state of the road was obvious after the boundary with South Lanarkshire.    The Network Manager advised that the comments relating to the Blyth Bank Speed Limit review would be added to the list.   Community Councillor Douglas submitted that something needed to be done regarding Caerlee Corner, Innerleithen and he referred to the speed of traffic coming into Innerleithen.   The Network Manager advised Officers were looking into the issues again in terms of the speed limit.  He referred to the footpath into Caerlee and of diversions being made to it and explained that Jean Robertson, the Council’s Funding and Project Officer was exploring EIP scheme funding for this.  Councillor Waddell raised concerns relating to drainage issues on the Peebles side of the five mile bridge and to sight lines coming out of Lyne Station because of bushes and small trees not being cut.    Members agreed to come back to the next meeting with avenues and guidance to enable recommendations to be made on how to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting would be held on Monday 15 August 2016 at 6.00 p.m. in the Council Offices, Rosetta Road, Peebles.



AGREED that the next meeting be held on Monday 15 August 2016 at 6.00 p.m. in the Council Offices, Rosetta Road, Peebles.




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