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Apologies had been received from Ms Karen Hamilton (NHS Borders), Councillor Watson McAteer (SBC) and Superintendent Angus MacInnes (Police Scotland).


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Consider Minute of previous meeting of the Community Planning Strategic Board held on 14 June 2018.  (Attached)


The Minute of the previous meeting of the Strategic Board held on 14 June 2018 had been circulated.



APPROVED the Minute.


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The Board noted that a core programme of agenda items for Area Partnerships was currently being developed for the year ahead, with partners feeding in ideas.  All other actions were complete.



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Presentation. (Copy Plan attached)


4.1       Copies of the Integrated Children and Young People’s Plan in the Scottish Borders 2018 – 2021 had been circulated.  Stuart Easingwood, Interim Service Director Children & Young People, gave a presentation on the Plan, highlighting the work of the multi-agency Children & Young People’s Leadership Group which gave strategic leadership and direction across the agencies.  Details were given of the progress made under the previous Plan.  The CYP Leadership Group had recently carried out a self-evaluation resulting in a new approach to tackle persistent issues, focussing on early intervention and prevention, engaging with and listening to children, young people and their families.  This was at the core of the Plan as the perception by adults could be different from that experienced by children in reality.  The Plan had a shared vision that in “working together we will ensure all children and young people have a sense of belonging, self-worth and self-confidence to achieve their unique potential.”   There were 4 priorities:  keeping children and young people safe; improving health and well-being and reducing inequalities; targeting support to maximise life experiences and opportunities and ensuring inclusion; and increasing participation and engagement. 


4.2       In response to members’ questions, Mr Easingwood confirmed that with regard to the data required for priorities and outcomes, these were provided through linkages with other Forums, with work ongoing to establish the frequency of reporting progress.  An action plan would be produced which would say what would be done, who would lead on this, and the outcomes which would be measured.  All public protection areas in the Borders - including adults, children, domestic abuse, etc. - were being reviewed with the aim of bringing in a whole family approach, cutting across agencies to identify needs.  A review of how existing resources were deployed would need to be carried out to look at whether work could be undertaken more efficiently and effectively, including using the partnership approach to work collaboratively wherever possible. 



AGREED to approve the Integrated Children and Young People’s Plan in the Scottish Borders 2018 – 2021.


Community Plan and Locality Plans



With reference to paragraph 8 of the Minute of 14 June 2018, Jenni Craig, SBC Service Director Customer & Communities, advised that no comments had been received from partners about the content of the Community Plan so no changes needed to be made.  A paper on a proposed performance monitoring framework would be brought to the Strategic Board for consideration at their next meeting in March 2019, with a performance report at the June meeting.  With regard to Area Partnerships, Tweeddale had finished the cycle of “theme” meetings, with the other areas one behind, and work was underway to develop Locality Plans.  It was hoped that all Locality Plans would be finalised in spring 2019 and these would then be brought to the Strategic Board.  All partners had attended, led and contributed to Area Partnership meetings and had given some feedback, although further feedback on the operation of the Area Partnerships would be useful.  More work was needed to attract harder to reach groups to attend these meetings so their voice could be heard.  A recent meeting had been held with Community Council representatives from the Eildon Area to explore further various aspects of the Community Empowerment Act and the role of Community Councils in community planning.  This had been a really open and helpful meeting and it was hoped to repeat this with other areas.  An update would be brought to the next meeting of the Strategic Board. 



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(i)      Our Economy, Skills and Learning


(ii)     Our Health and Wellbeing (Attached)


(iii)    Our Quality of Life (Attached)


(iv)    Our Place

Additional documents:


6.1       Our Economy, Skills and Learning

Copies of an update by Theme Leads Rob Dickson and Angela Cox from the Economy and Low Carbon Group were issued at the meeting.  Mr Bryan McGrath, SBC Chief Officer Economic Development, highlighted areas of progress against the outcomes along with any issues and risks.  Ms Morrison, Scottish Enterprise, advised that she was happy to provide any information on Scottish business data if this would be helpful.  In terms of Economic Strategies, Mr McGrath advised that both Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway Councils economic strategies would be part of a future South of Scotland Enterprise Agency strategy, and the 2 Councils were working in partnership at the moment.  It was vital that the Community Planning Economy and Low Carbon Group continued to identify a set of ambitious projects/programmes for this strategy.  Practical issues had been raised about the interface/equipment required for College/school systems in the Digital Learning pilot project.



AGREED that Angela Cox would provide an update on the Digital Learning Project to the next meeting of the Strategic Board in March 2019.     


6.2       Our Health and Wellbeing

Copies of an update by Theme Leads Rob McCulloch-Graham and Tim Patterson on Health and Wellbeing had been circulated.  Dr Patterson advised that progress updates had been included against 2 of the outcomes with the 3rd outcome (improved support and care for older people) to be picked up in the next update.  The work of the Group aimed to change the environment and culture to integrate the notion of public health into everything organisations did.  Obesity was a real problem and going up each year, with a related increase in diabetes as a consequence.  A lot of ill health was related to a person’s socio-economic situation so health assessment needed to be included in any future policy making.  Dr Patterson was happy to offer support to any partner organisation in terms of advice or training.  Members discussed mental health in general, including the impact of social media.  The Lifestyle Advisory Service could provide support for physical and mental health.



6.3       Our Quality of Life

Copies of an update by Theme Leads Andy McLean, Murray Leys and Stuart Easingwood on the work of the Quality of Life Group had been circulated.  Graham Jones, SBC Safer Communities & Community Justice Manager, presented the update, further advising that the Safer Communities Team was currently working up its business plan for the next 3 years and this would have greater synergy between police and fire service plans and public protection. 



6.4       Our Place

Copies of an update by Theme Leads Julia Mulloy and Niles Istephan on the work associated with Our Place were issued at the meeting.  Shona Smith, SBC Communities and Partnership Manager, advised that Ms Mulloy and Mr Istephan had submitted apologies for the meeting as both were attending the Scottish National Housing Conference, but would be happy to receive any comments or questions.  Key strategies and plans were being developed.



Any Other Business


7.1       Third Sector Interface

Mrs Hume, Third Sector representative, advised that following a review, Scottish Government funding for the Third Sector Interface (TSI) had now been released for one more year.  It was necessary for the TSI (which was a partnership in the Scottish Borders) to have an Action Plan submitted by the end of the year to Scottish Government.  The Plan had to include a vision, outcomes and how the work fitted in with other services, as well as how it would be measured, along with the inclusion of external factors including funding.  The themes for the TSI were also much more cross-cutting.  The TSI was due to meet the following week to consider a first draft. 



7.2       Water Services Consultation

Mrs Hume referred to a Scottish Government consultation “Investing in and paying for your water services from 2021” which had closed in August 2018.  The consultation proposed a reduction or removal of the current 25% discount for single occupants of houses which could impact adversely on the elderly, particularly those in rural communities.



Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 7 March 2019 at 2pm


The next meeting of the Strategic Board would take place on Thursday 7 March 2019 at 2.00pm in Committee Room 2, Council HQ, Newtown St Boswells.




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