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Minute of 30 September 2015 to be noted and signed by the Chairman. (Copy attached.)


There had been circulated copies of the Minute of 30 September 2015.   With reference to paragraph 5 and the decision at paragraph 5(c), it was noted that the references to Melrose Golf Club should have read "Melrose Cricket Club".



NOTED for signature by the Chairman subject to the above amendment.



Matters Arising


With reference to paragraph 3 of the Minute of 30 September 2015, Members requested that Mrs Robb provide a financial update on the William Hill Trust Fund.  Members were informed that £4,400 of income from investments in the Newton Fund was anticipated, that there was further income of £5,000 in the form of donations from other charities and that a repayment of £600 from Melrose Golf Club had been received.  Mrs Robb also emphasised that unrealised investments could not be predicted and she was therefore unable to provide further information at this time.



NOTED the update information.



Upgrade to Gibson Play Park, Melrose pdf icon PDF 127 KB

Consider report by Service Director Neighbourhood Services.  (Copy attached.)


There had been circulated copies of a report by the Service Director Neighbourhood Services which included details of the project to upgrade the existing play park in Gibson Park, Melrose and the funding request to the Sub-Committee for funding to be provided from the William Hill Trust Fund.  Mr Craig Blackie, Neighbourhood Area Manager attended the meeting and explained that the existing play park in Gibson Park was at least 20 years old and the equipment, though functional, was outdated.  There had been two Tender Options considered for the play park.  Option 1 would retain several pieces of equipment and replace others and would cost £33,000.  Tender Option 2 would remove all existing equipment and would therefore maximise the area available for the improved facilities at a maximum cost of £76,000, a figure which was £10,000 higher than in the report.  Members were advised that £33,000 had been identified within the Council's Capital Programme for 2015/16 and that the balance of £43,000 was required to allow the preferred Tender Option 2 to proceed.  Mr Blackie went on to detail additional funding that had been identified, namely £14,500 from Melrose Pay and Display Parking (£7,800 in 2015/16 and £6,700 projected for 2016/17); and Melrose Quality of Life Funding of £2,638 (£1,306 from 2015/16 and £1,332 from 2016/17).  Further income from the disinvestment of the Curle Bequest would reduce the value required from the William Hill Trust for the play park and Mr Blackie explained that the balance of up to £24,662 was being sought from the William Hill Trust Fund to enable the preferred Tender Option 2 to go ahead.  Mr Blackie indicated that the work could begin on 7 March 2016 and be completed by the end of the month following the identification and approval of the required funding.



APPROVED funding of up to £24,662 from the William Hill Trust Fund as a contribution to the cost of upgrading the existing play park at Gibson Park, Melrose in the financial year 2015/16.




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