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Minute. pdf icon PDF 125 KB

Minute of Meeting of Cheviot Area Forum held on 9 December 2016 to be noted.  (Copy attached.)


1.         WELCOME

            The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2.         MINUTE

            There had been circulated copies of the Minute of the Meeting of the Cheviot Area Forum of

          9 December 2015.



          AGREED to approve the Minute for signature by the Chairman.



Presentation on Household Survey Report 2015 pdf icon PDF 4 MB

Presentation by Clare Malster, Strategic Community Engagement Officer.  (Copy attached.)


            Ms Clare Malster, Strategic Community Engagement Officer, Scottish Borders Council, was in attendance to give a presentation on Scottish Borders Household Survey 2015.  Ms Malster began by advising that the survey had been undertaken in partnership with: Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Borders Sports & Leisure Trust (BSLT), the four regional social landlords (RSLs) and Transport Scotland. The financial cost of the survey to the Council had been £11k.  Ms Malster advised that 2,445 paper surveys had been returned and 261 responses completed online.  A 41% response rate which was the highest response rate since 2010.   Ms Malster went on to highlight some of the responses from the survey, including, satisfaction with the Council overall which had reduced slightly from 2013 from 66.8% to 61.9%. However, there had been a slight increase in the percentage that considered the Council excellent from 2.8% to 4.1% and this highlighted the Council’s transformation programme to deliver a high standard of service was being maintained. Ms Malster explained that the survey showed that satisfaction with the local bus services had remained fairly consistent. There was a piece of work going forward at the moment for the operation of an improved service.  As expected, satisfaction with the kerbsite waste and recycling collection service had reduced from 92% in 2013 to 81%, with 14% dissatisfied compared to 5% in 2014.  These figures reflected the removal of the green waste collection.  Satisfaction with the service offered at recycling bring sites had reduced from 78% to 69%, which was thought to be linked to issues with the contractors not emptying banks but this had been resolved.  Ms Malster went on to highlight the top five neighbourhood problems which were: parking problems (41%), rubbish and litter (31%) anti-social driving including speeding (31%) people using or dealing drugs (16%) and unwanted callers at the door (26%).  The top three priorities were in line with the Borders as a whole.  Ms Malster stated that the survey result showed 68% were dissatisfied at the speed of repairs to local roads; which was consistent throughout the Borders.  In conclusion Ms Malster highlighted that 94% of respondents considered their neighbourhood was a good place to live which was encouraging.  Inspector Wood intimated that the top five neighbourhood problems reflected those in Police Scotland’s multi ward plan.  The Chairman thanked Ms Malster for her very the informative presentation.






Speed Limit Review 2015 pdf icon PDF 755 KB

Consider Report by Service Director Commercial Services.  (Copy attached.)


          There had been circulated copies of a report by the Service Director Commercial Services which proposed to amend the existing speed limit in Kelso and to introduce speed limits in Clintmains and Nisbet to take account of a recent region-wide Speed Limit Review.  The report explained that during 2015 a Speed Limit Review had been carried out throughout the Scottish Borders region by SBC Officers and Police Scotland.  The review was carried out in accordance with Government guidance and the resulting recommendations proposed to reduce speeds on parts of the network currently covered by the National Speed Limit.  There were three sites within the Cheviot Area, at Clintmains, Nisbet and Kelso (Springwood) which were currently subject to the National Speed Limit.  The report went onto explain that there had been a two stage consultation process, the statutory consultation being carried out between 24 November and 21 December 2015.  Response had been received from Crailing, Eckford & Nisbet Community Council requesting that the extents of the 30mph limit be extended on all three approaches to the village and that all roads in West Nisbet Steading be included in the TRO.  A response had also been received from Kelso Community Council expressing support of the Kelso proposal.  In terms of the request from Crailing, Eckford and Nisbet Community Council, it was considered inappropriate to extend the speed limit and the unclassified roads in West Nisbet Steading were automatically subject to the 30mph speed limit by virtue of street lighting and therefore did not require to be included in the written TRO.



(a)       APPROVED the amendment to the Scottish Borders Council (Various Roads)(40mph Speed Limit) Order 2004 and The Scottish Borders Council (The Borders Regional Council)(Restricted Roads) Order 1985 as detailed in Appendix I to the report to allow:-


(i)             The introduction of a 30mph speed limit on the B635 & C87 in;


(ii)           The introduction of a 30mph speed limit on the B6400 and C47 in Nisbet; and


(iii)          The introduction of a 40mph speed limit on the A699 at Springwood, Kelso


(b)       AGREED that, subject to no objections being received by the end of the public   consultation period, that the Orders detailed in Appendix B be made.



Police Force of Scotland - 'J' Division Spotlight.

Update report by Police Inspector detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Cheviot area. 



Inspectors Carol Wood and John Scott were present at the meeting to update the Cheviot Area Forum on performance, activities and issues across the Ward for the period up to 29 January 2016.  The Ward Plan Priorities for Kelso and District had been reviewed and amended and were highlighted as Dishonesty, Road Safety, Antisocial Behaviour and Drug Dealing and Misuse of Drugs.    The Ward Plan Priorities for Jedburgh and District had also been amended and were highlighted as Drug Dealing and Misuse, Road Safety, Anti-Social Behaviour and Rural Crime.  In relation to the planned priorities for Kelso and District it was reported that under Drugs Dealing and Misuse of Drugs Police Scotland continued to investigate drugs offences and where appropriate use stop and search powers.  Two people had been reported for drugs offences in the past two months and it was highlighted that help from the public was crucial to detect offences and where people had suspicions.  In terms of Antisocial Behaviour, the casing of the Community defibrillator situated in Woodmarket, Kelso had been damaged on 1 January 2016 and positive lines of enquiry had been ongoing in relation to this and the police would like to speak to anyone who had information with regards to the crime.  In terms of Thefts/Crimes of Dishonesty, during December 2015 it was reported that 2 males were detected shoplifting in Kelso, one received a 4 month custodial sentence and the other was remanded in custody.  A van was broken into in the Main Street, Heiton and a large quantity of tools stolen.  A man from Edinburgh was detected for the crime and reported to the Procurator Fiscal.  This crime was part of a much wider series where tools were being stolen from vans and tradesmen were recommended not to keep tools in their vans where possible.  It was further reported that as part of Operation snowflake a number of traffic initiatives took place across the area.  There had been no detections of drink driving offences and it would appear that the Do Not Drink and Drive message was widely adhered to.  The focus in the coming months would be on young drivers and speeding in built up areas within the Kelso area.  Nine parking tickets and eight warnings were given in Kelso in December and seven parking tickets were issued in January.  In response to a question raised about plans for dealing with Biker and Scooter rallies held in Springwood Park, Kelso Inspector Scott advised that resources would be increased, but generally those attending the rallies were well behaved.  A link to the Recorded Police Warning system was requested and concerns were raised in relation to residents within Orchard Park ignoring the yellow lines and the continuing parking problem within Kelso town centre. 


  5.1     In terms of Jedburgh and District, it was reported that officers on patrol had been suspicious of a vehicle parked near to the shell petrol station in Jedburgh and as a result of a search of the vehicle  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Scottish Fire & Rescue Service. pdf icon PDF 288 KB

Update report detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Cheviot Area.


Mr Matt Acton, Station Manager explained that the purpose of the report circulated was to inform the Cheviot Area Forum on Scottish Fire and Rescue Service activity since the last meeting on 9th December 2015.  It was highlighted that the report did not accurately reflect that the Fire and Rescue Service had experienced a very busy period in terms of the flooding.  The report detailed that during the period of the report there had been 2 House Fires (1 Kitchen Fire and one fire in cooker) Occurrences of Fire – Open 5, occurrence of Special Services 27 and 11 unwanted Fire Alarm Signals.  In relation to partnership working, The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), Community Action Team (CAT) within the Scottish Borders core work centred on the on-going delivery of the SFRS Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV) policy.  The team continued to expand its partnership working with the Key agencies including Police Scotland, Health, Social care and Housing in order to focus on members of local communities at High Risk from fire and achieve outcomes in helping to reduce overall numbers of accidental dwelling fires.  Fire raising awareness sessions presented by the team to partner agency practitioners had been and continued to be successful in promoting HFSVs and encouraging agencies to make referrals using the SFRS CSET online booking system.


6.1     Fire preventionand protection activity over recent years had been key to reducing the number of fires, casualties and losses in Scotland thus minimising the economic and social impact of fire on communities.  The seasonal community safety calendar provided the catalyst for a number of initiatives and schemes throughout the calendar year.


6.2     Activity which was ongoing within the Cheviot Ward area included Scottish Fire and Rescue Service staffs in all local stations providing Home Fire Safety Visits all year round.  The visits provided the householder with a home visit, focussing on identifying and reducing the risks of fire in the home. Smoke detectors with a 10-year battery life were provided as part of this free service; Firesharp was an initiative for Primary 6 pupils, providing face-to-face education within local Primary schools on matters of fire risk and prevention; Fire Safety Audits provided a targeted examination of business premises and their relevant documents to ascertain how the premises were being managed regarding fire safety. The enforcement officer also engaged with members of staff to confirm their level of fire safety awareness;  Unwanted Fire Signals were being addressed by phased intervention actions which identified premises which were producing ‘false alarms’, provided guidance on how to reduce a reoccurrence.  The SFRS Safeguarding Policy and Procedure for Protection of Children and Adults at Risk of Harm was implemented to link into adult and child protection. The introduction of the policy had created closer ties with Social Services within Scottish Borders and ensured those people and families that fire crews identify as at risk were brought to the attention of Social Services and had resulted in joint visits to homes to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Engagement by NHS Borders Representative



            An update on current activity was given by Susan Manion, Chief Officer – Health and Social Care Integration.  Mrs Manion reported that reviews of Clinical Services and Critical Care were ongoing.  In terms of Health and Social Care Integration the key issues were outlined and the next Integrated Joint Board would be held in March with implementation scheduled for 1 April 2016.   


7.1     A&E Waiting Times

          In relation to A&E waiting times, Mrs Manion reported that it was recognised that NHS services were stretched at this time of year and there was a winter plan to try and alleviate pressures.  The A&E Services across Scotland had met their A&E targets and exceeded them with an average of 98% of people being seen and treated within the 4 hr target.


7.2     In-patient care for Jedburgh   

          With reference to paragraph 9.3 of the Minute of 9 December 2015, Mrs Manion reported that she had met with Councillors Bhatia and Brown in relation to access to the Hawick Community Hospital for Jedburgh Patients.  Mrs Manion reported that the reality was that the National GP contract allowed GP’s to decide only to treat their own patients and there had been extensive negotiations to try and resolve the issues for Jedburgh patients.  There was no way round the situation and need to work with the GP’s to collectively provide the appropriate care.  The GP’s who oversaw the patients in the other community hospitals, including Kelso, had agreed to treat patients from Jedburgh and had access to what they needed.  Access to care services locally were crucial and Mrs Manion reported that she was very proud of the work at Jedburgh Health Centre and Cheviot as a whole for their innovative ideas. The Health Board were very clear about the need for the right services to be provided from Kelso Community Hospital and people accessing these services and this would continue to be monitored.


7.3     Elected Members expressed frustration with the situation, as Jedburgh had been guaranteed access to Hawick Community Hospital when the Jedburgh Cottage Hospital closed.  In response to questions about the possibility to re-negotiate the contract, Mrs Manion reported that there was no possibility and local arrangements were about providing the right access to services for Jedburgh through the local health centre and community hospitals.



NOTED the report.



Revenue, Capital and SB Local Works.

Consider update on the progress of the planned programme of revenue and capital works, the work undertaken by the SB Local Squad and the proposed SB Local Small Schemes for the current financial year in the Cheviot area.  (Copy attached)




         With reference to paragraph 11 of the Minute of 9 December 2015,  there were circulated at the meeting copies of Appendices A and B which detailed the current position in terms of the Neighbourhood Small Schemes and Quality of Life Scheme previously approved.  The Area Neighbourhood Manager advised that the allocated budget (£34,702) for small schemes was available through Neighbourhood Services for the Cheviot Area in 2015/16.  It had previously been agreed that this budget would be split equally between Kelso and District and Jedburgh and District Wards.  There remained £7,391 for Kelso and District and £8,080 for Jedburgh and District for future schemes, although any budget remaining at the close of the financial year would be lost as there was no carry forward provision.  Sprouston Community Council representative advised that a request had been made regarding the bus stance and War Memorial in Sprouston and the Neighbourhood Manager advised that the matter had been passed on for costing.  In response to a question about whether the level of budget for neighbourhood schemes would remain the same for the 2016/2017 Financial year, the Neighbourhood Manager advised that he had not been advised of any reduction.  The Jed Valley Community Council representative sought assistance in relation to the sign for the Glen Douglas Community Hall which had fallen down.  The sign was situated on the A68 and therefore the responsibility of Amey, however despite numerous attempts there had been no progress and the Neighbourhood Manager agreed to look into this.





(i)        the update on previously approved Neighbourhood Small Schemes as detailed in Appendix A to the report; and


(ii)       the update on previously approved Quality of Life Schemes as detailed in Appendix B to the report.



Open Questions.

Opportunity for members of the public to raise any issues not included on the agenda.



            There were no issues raised.






Community Council Spotlight.

Consider updates and matters of interest to Community Councils.


(a)  Oxnam Road, Jedburgh


(b)  Skiprunningburn Flood Protection




10.1     Oxnam Road Wall, Jedburgh – With reference to paragraphs 14 of the Minute of 9 December 2015, the Area Neighbourhood Manager reported that the only works left to complete was the surfacing, which unfortunately had had to be postponed twice due to recent weather conditions. The intention had been to undertake the work on Sunday, 31 January, however, the weather forecast made it necessary to take the decision to postpone again.   Under normal circumstances this postponement information would have been passed to Ward Members and the information signage at the locus altered to inform road users of the change. The Council acknowledged that communications on this occasion had been poor and an apology had been made.  There was no an alternative date, however, when available the date would be communicated through the normal channels.



                        NOTED the report.


10.2     Skiprunning Burn, Jedburgh (Flood Protection Scheme) – With reference to paragraph of the Minute of 9 December 2015, the Area Neighbourhood Manager advised thatSBc Contracts continued with the construction works which commenced on 14th September 2015.  The main works were 95% complete and outstanding works would be complete in the next 2 weeks.  Permanent water level sensors and CCTV were still to be installed (a temporary sensor was currently in place).  Following last week’s flooding incident an onsite meeting with the design consultant (CH2M) and the Contractor was held to help understand how the flood event unfolded and if any minor alterations to the scheme were required.  Similar to previous flooding events debris being washed down the burn was a major contributing factor, but CH2M would look into how the flow related to previous events. The meeting identified some amendments to the existing low level brick walls that would allow any flood water to enter the culvert via the horizontal screens more easily in the future. A small amendment to the proposed fence to help contain flood water was also being made.

The flood event had again proved that debris management was key to managing the flood risk from the Skiprunning Burn.  It was intended to work with Neighbourhood Services to agree a procedure for managing the debris at the new grilles and how to ensure that resources, including the necessary plant, were available when required.  In the meantime the site staff continued to ensure that the grilles and channel were kept clear and were liaising with the council maintenance staff regarding accessing the site during out of hours. Councillor Brown expressed disappointment that large amounts of money had been spent on the Skiprunning Burn flood protection scheme and yet there had been a significant flooding incident in the area and requested a meeting between the Jedburgh elected members and appropriate Officers.  There followed considerable discussion with regard to the sensors and why the alert had not been triggered and the design of the grilles installed which appeared to have caused a problem. 



                        NOTED the report.



Future Agenda Items

Consider Items for Future Agendas.


            The Chairman asked all present for future agendas items.  There were no items intimated at the time and the Chairman advised that any suggestions could be passed to him at any time for consideration.      






Date of Next Meeting - Cheviot Area Forum.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 30 March 2016 in Kelso (Venue to be confirmed).



            The Chairman confirmed that the next meeting of the Cheviot Area Forum was scheduled for Wednesday, 30 March 2016 in Kelso.



NOTED the date of the next meeting of the Cheviot Area Forum and that the venue was to be confirmed.




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