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Welcome and Introductions.



1.      The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.



Minute. pdf icon PDF 115 KB

Minute of Meeting of Cheviot Area Forum held on 3 June 2015 to be noted.  (Copy attached.)



2.       There had been circulated copies of the Minute of the Meeting of the Cheviot Area Forum of

          3 June 2015.



          AGREED to approve the Minute for signature by the Chairman.



Cheviot Locality Pilot Project Update

Update from David Mallin.


          The Chairman welcomed Mr Mallin, Lead Officer for Localities to the meeting to update the Area Forum on the Cheviot Localities Pilot.  Mr Mallin gave a brief summary of the Localities established in Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire and explained the background and context in relation to the Christie Report 2011, the Wood Commission 2014 – Working For All, the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 and the JIT – Learning from Health and Social Care.  It was explained that a Localities approach aimed to improve collaboration, reduce duplication, improve outcomes for people and communities, build services around communities (Christie Commission) and the implementation of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.  Mr Mallin went on to explain the Collaboration Spectrum , outline the plan stages and next steps which included Local Officers Workshop, Community Engagement  events, Local Tasking and Coordinating Group (TaCG), Cheviot Local Plan -  incorporating community–led plans and review and report.  Mr Mallin answered questions and the Chairman thanked him for his presentation.





Introduction of Food Waste Collections

Update form Fiona Munro.


          The Chairman welcomed Fiona Munro, from Neighbourhood Services, to give a presentation on the introduction by Scottish Borders Council of a Food Waste Collection service.  Ms Munro referred to the background which led to the decision to introduce the new service.  The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 required food waste collections to be introduced by 1 January 2016.    Food waste was seen as a valuable resource, a way of diverting waste from landfill and an increased recycling rate.   In accordance with the regulations and Scottish Government urban versus rural classification the collection service in the Scottish Borders would involve approximately 24,500 households and businesses.  Phase 1 saw weekly kerbside food waste collections start in Galashiels, Tweedbank, Selkirk and Peebles commencing on 25 May.  Phase 2 involved Jedburgh and Hawick and started on 7th September.   Ms Munro had brought along examples of the caddies, together with biodegradable liners and guidance leaflets, which would be delivered to households during the week prior to the start of collections. Each household would have a 5 litre silver kitchen caddy and liners, in which to deposit daily food waste.  The tied bags of waste should then be transferred from the kitchen caddy into the outdoor brown caddies of 23 litre for a single household or 140 litre for communal household. It was emphasised that the food waste collection service also came under animal by-product legislation and as such would be closely regulated. There would be no effluent or waste produced during handling.  Purpose-built collection vehicles would transport the waste to central skips from where it would be taken to the nearest food waste management site at Levenseat Ltd., Midlothian. From 1 January 2016, also under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012, there would be food waste collections from an estimated 140 businesses producing over 50 kg waste per week and from an estimated 520 businesses producing over 5 kg per week.  Following the presentation officers were asked questions, particularly in relation to how the service would be monitored.  Ms Munro advised that through communications and guidance members of the public would be strongly encouraged to take up the service and use it as intended.  There would be monitoring through kerbside checks and, particularly in the early stages if thought necessary, householders may be visited to be given further advice.The Chairman thanked Ms Munro for her presentation.



            NOTED the presentation.





            Under Section 50B(4)(b) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, the Chairman was of the opinion that the item dealt with in the following paragraphs should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency, in view of the need to keep Members informed.



6.         The Chairman welcomed Graeme Johnstone, Lead Officer, Scottish Borders Council to the Forum to give a presentation on the Local Access and Transport Strategy (LATS).  Mr Johnstone explained that a new Strategy Document was required as the existing Strategy was out of date, access and transport were key issues in the Scottish Borders, it would provide strategic direction and could be a valuable bidding document. The main issues to be covered by the Strategy would include:-


·           The route to markets;

·           Public transport;

·           Walking, cycling and horse riding;

·           Road maintenance;

·           Forestry;

·           Road safety;

·           Parking; and

·           Low carbon.



The consultation, which would end on 23 October 2015, would be undertaken through electronic questionnaire, key consultees, presentations to Area Forums, and written information available through Libraries, contact centres and council departments.  Following the closure of the consultation process, consideration would be given to all responses received and the main strategy document would be developed for presentation to the Development Working Group and Committee before finalisation of the Strategy Document.  Mr Johnstone concluded his presentation by advising where to send responses and answering Members questions.



NOTED the presentation.



Police Force of Scotland - 'J' Division Spotlight.

Update report by Police Inspector detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Cheviot area. 



Inspector Carol Wood was present at the meeting to update the Cheviot Area Forum on performance, activities and issues across the Ward for the period up to 31 August 2015.  The Ward Plan Priorities for Kelso and District had been reviewed and amended and were highlighted as Dishonesty, Road Safety, Antisocial Behaviour and Drug Dealing and Misuse of Drugs.    The Ward Plan Priorities for Jedburgh and District had also been amended and were highlighted as Drug Dealing and Misuse, Road Safety, Anti-Social Behaviour and Rural Crime.  In relation to the planned priorities for Kelso and District it was reported that under Drugs Dealing and Misuse of Drugs Police Scotland were undergoing a test phase on a new stop and search database, which went online on 1 June 2015.   Validation and testing of the data was ongoing and data collected since it began was not available but statistical information would be provided to the local scrutiny board.  A number of stop/searches were carried out in June, July and August and a total of 3 offences were recorded in relation to drugs offences in the Kelso and District area.   Personal safety advice in relation to drugs was contained on the Police Scotland website 

The public were encouraged to inform the Police of any information they might have in relation to drugs misuse, however, if they wished to remain anonymous they could contact Crimestoppers on 0800555111.  In relation to road safety, roads policing officers carried out a total of 12 road checks in the ward area during the last quarter up to 31 August 2015, with particular emphasis being given to the re-education of young drivers.  In a bid to improve the driving skills of all young drivers in our area Safer Communities continued to promote the Skills For Life, young driver campaign and courses remained available in October and November 2015.  This was an offer of free advanced driver training and had already proven to be extremely popular.  There were 19 road traffic offences committed in the Kelso and District area between June and August 2015, eight of these were in relation to speeding offences and five were MOT offences.  Local and Roads Policing officers would continue to deal robustly with anyone found to be speeding.  During August, PC Howgego carried out a number of parking patrols of Kelso Town Centre, which had resulted in 11 warnings and 6 FPT tickets being issued for parking offences.  It was emphasised that those working in the town centre should park in adjacent car parks to prevent overstaying and then subsequently being issued with a ticket.  In regard to Dishonesty, thefts continued to be an issue within the Kelso area, Officers continued to work to detect and prevent such crimes and crime prevention advice was available on the Police Scotland website.  Residents were requested to continue to remain vigilant and keep doors and windows locked to prevent opportunist criminals.  It was further reported that autumn might bring casual workers into the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.


Engagement by NHS Borders Representative


          An update on current activity was given by NHS Head of Delivery Support, Estates and Facilities, Warwick Shaw.    


In-Patient Care for Jedburgh 

          With reference to paragraph 4.5 of the Minute of 3 June 2015, following letters from Councillor Brown and Community Councillor Gordon, the Chief Executive (NHS) had sent a letter about in-patient care in Hawick.  Mr Shaw explained that the care of inpatients was not any part of the GP services (contract).  GPs provided medical cover to Community Hospitals on a supplementary, opt-in contracted basis and were under no obligation to provide the service beyond their stated limitations.  However, an agreement was in place with Kelso GPs to provide cover for Jedburgh residents, including all patients registered with a Jedburgh GP at Kelso Community Hospital.  Jedburgh patients with ongoing in-patient care needs could be treated within the Borders General Hospital or the other two Community Hospitals.  The NHS remained fully cognisant of the need to provide a resilient model of care to all Borders residents and had commenced a formal Option Appraisal process, as part of the in-patient review, to identify the preferred model for the provision of inpatient care in Community Hospitals.  Consideration would be given to all possible care models and assessment against the key principles of the clinical strategy, most notably being safe, fair, equitable and affordable.  Elected Members for the Jedburgh area remained concerned.  


Stroke Treatment in Borders

          It was reported that people who suffered a stroke in the Borders benefited from a local service which was the best performing in Scotland.  Stroke was the third most common cause of death in Scotland and the most common cause of severe physical disability amongst adults. It was estimated that about 15,000 people in Scotland had a stroke each year.  The 2015 Scottish Stroke Care Audit (SSCA) just published showed NHS Borders patients receiving an “appropriate” Stroke Care Bundle was the highest in Scotland, at 87% during 2014; some 22% higher than the Scottish average of 65%.  The ‘Bundle’ referred to a group of specific interventions and processes of care that significantly improved patient outcomes following a stroke if delivered together rather than separately.

          A&E Waiting Times

          In relation to A&E waiting times, Mr Shaw reported that only in March did the BGH fall below the NHS Scotland figure target being at least 95% treated within 4 hrs. The figures for last week showed that out of 502 attendances, 98% had been seen within 4 hrs.   The Annual Review Public Session would be held on Thursday, 17 September 2015 between 2.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. in The Tryst.



NOTED the report.



Scottish Fire & Rescue Service.

Update report detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Cheviot Area.


Fire Service Update

9.0     Mr Matt Acton, Station Manager explained that the purpose of the report circulated was to inform the Cheviot Area Forum on Scottish Fire and Rescue Service activity since the last meeting on 3rd June 2015.  The report detailed that during the period of the report there had been 10 House Fires (House Alight x 5, Building Alight x 3 and Grain dryer alight x 2. Occurrences of Fire – Open 10, occurrence of Special Services 17 resulting in 3 casualties and 28 unwanted Fire Alarm Signals.  The report explained that within the Local Fire and Rescue Plan 2014-2017 for the Scottish Borders, 5 priorities had been identified: Reduction of Dwelling Fires; Reduction of Fire Casualties and Fatalities; Reduction of Deliberate Fire Setting (Not including Dwellings); Reduction of Unwanted Fire Alarm Signals; and the Reduction in Road Traffic Collisions.  In relation to partnership working, The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), Community Action Team (CAT) within the Scottish Borders core work centred on the on-going delivery of the SFRS Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV) policy.  The team continued to expand its partnership working with key the Key agencies including Police Scotland, Health, Social care and Housing in order to focus on members of local communities at High Risk from fire and achieve outcomes in helping to reduce overall numbers of accidental dwelling fires.  Fire raising awareness sessions presented by the team to partner agency practitioners had been and continued to be successful in promoting HFSVs and encouraging agencies to make referrals using the SFRS CSET online booking system.


9.1     Fire prevention andprotection activity over recent years had been key to reducing the number of fires, casualties and losses in Scotland thus minimising the economic and social impact of fire on communities.  The seasonal community safety calendar provided the catalyst for a number of initiatives and schemes throughout the calendar year.


9.2     Activity which was ongoing now within the Cheviot Ward area included Scottish Fire and Rescue Service staffs in all local stations providing Home Fire Safety Visits all year round.  The visits provided the householder with a home visit, focussing on identifying and reducing the risks of fire in the home. Smoke detectors with a 10-year battery life were provided as part of this free service; Firesharp was an initiative for Primary 6 pupils, providing face-to-face education within local Primary schools on matters of fire risk and prevention; Fire Safety Audits provided a targeted examination of business premises and their relevant documents to ascertain how the premises were being managed regarding fire safety. The enforcement officer also engaged with members of staff to confirm their level of fire safety awareness;  Unwanted Fire Signals were being addressed by phased intervention actions which identified premises which were producing ‘false alarms’, provided guidance on how to reduce a reoccurrence, and could also invoke legislation if occurrences failed to reduce in number.  The SFRS Safeguarding Policy and Procedure for Protection of Children and Adults at Risk of Harm was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 23.


Neighbourhood Small Schemes and Quality of Life Fund pdf icon PDF 122 KB

Consider update on the progress of the planned programme of Neighbourhood Small Schemes, the work undertaken by the SB Local Squad and Quality of Life Fund for the current financial year in the Cheviot area.  (Copy attached.)


Additional documents:



10.   With reference to paragraph 7.1 of the Minute of 3 June 2015, there had been circulated copies of a report by the Service Director Neighbourhood Services on Neighbourhood Small Schemes and Quality of Life,  which sought approval for the proposed new Neighbourhood Small Schemes from the Area Forum and updated the Forum on previously approved Neighbourhood and Quality of Life Schemes.  The Area Neighbourhood Manager advised that the allocated budget (£34,702) for small schemes was available through Neighbourhood Services for the Cheviot Area in 2015/16.  The report detailed those schemes which had been approved, completed and due for completing prior to 31 March 2016.  Following approval of the schemes detailed in the report, there remained a budget of £29,927 available for Neighbourhood Small Schemes.  In addition, a budget of £20,000 was available for Quality of Life schemes in the Cheviot Area Forum Area in 2015/16.  It had previously been agreed that this budget would be split equally between Kelso and District and Jedburgh and District Wards.  There remained £7,500 for Kelso and District and £10,000 for Jedburgh and District.




(a)  AGREED the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes for implementation :-


(i)        Upgrade town signage on approaches to Jedburgh Town           £900                                              


(ii)       Erect 2 no. street name plates within Hendersyde Estate, Kelso  



(iii)     Remark bays within East Bowmont Street Car Park, Kelso                                                                                                                             £650


(b)     NOTED:-


(i)        the update on previously approved Neighbourhood Small Schemes as detailed in Appendix A to the report; and


(ii)       the update on previously approved Quality of Life Schemes as detailed in Appendix B to the report.



Open Questions.

Opportunity for members of the public to raise any issues not included on the agenda.



There were no issues raised.






Community Council Spotlight.

Consider updates and matters of interest to Community Councils.


(a)  Oxnam Road, Jedburgh


(b)  Skiprunningburn Flood Protection



12.     Oxnam Road Wall, Jedburgh With reference to paragraphs 9.1 and 9.2 of the Minute of 3 June 2015,  works had been undertaken and completed, to remove off site, the large stones and rubble which had been left on the grass area adjacent to Oxnam Road.  The bollards had been installed in the footway ex adverso the properties occupied by Mr & Mrs Scott and Mr & Mrs Foggon, although three further bollards remained to be installed when they had been received from the suppliers.  Officers of the Council’s Infrastructure section had recently been in contact with a representative of Scottish Gas Network (SGN) regarding the timings of the diversion of the existing gas main in connection with the permanent carriageway widening between Blair Avenue and The Boundaries junction. SGN had intimated that the diversion works were provisionally programmed for late September/early October, however, this timing had still to be finalised and confirmed.  The Council’s in-house surfacing contractor, SBc Contracts, had intimated that they had a fully committed surfacing works programme until after the October School holiday week which ended on Friday 16th October.  This meant that any further surfacing schemes would not be undertaken until after that date and provision had therefore been made to carry out the surfacing works at Oxnam Road during late October/early November, although this was subject to the outcome of a full consultation process to be undertaken with local businesses, the Community Council and Ward Members, on the specifics of the works to be undertaken and the required temporary traffic management.



NOTED the report.


12.1   Skiprunning Burn, Jedburgh – With reference to paragraph 9.3 of the Minute of 3 June 2015, the Area Neighbourhood Manager advised that the advance accommodation works at the Larkhall Accommodation had been completed and the main Contractor for the Phase 2 works would be SBc Contracts.  The Phase 2 works started on 14th September 2015 and were programmed to be completed by Christmas.  The Phase 1A works (flood resilient measures to properties at Burn Wynd) would be undertaken in parallel with the Phase 2 works.






Future Agenda Items. Consider items for future Agendas


It was agreed that a presentation on the School Estates Review be arranged for a future meeting.






Date of Next Meeting - Cheviot Area Forum.

Wednesday, 9 November 2015 in Kelso.


The Chairman confirmed that the next meeting of the Cheviot Area Forum was scheduled for Wednesday, 9 December 2015 in Kelso.



NOTED the date of the next meeting of the Cheviot Area Forum and that the venue was to be confirmed.




The meeting concluded at 8.30 p.m.    




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