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Haylodge Park, Peebles

Consider request from Peebles Callants to undertake project in Haylodge Park.


The Chairman advised that he had been approached by the Peebles Callant’s Club who wished to undertake a project in Haylodge Park.  Mr John Falla from the Callant’s Club was present at the meeting and explained the plan behind his proposal for a fun, educational treasure hunt around the park which involved sticking cobble stones to trees in the park which would be known as “The Tweedies”.  Each cobble stone would have a letter on it and the aim was for children to find the stones with the letters which made up their names.  Members discussed the proposal and, while they were supportive of the proposal, there was a concern from a health and safety perspective.  The Democratic Services Team Leader had consulted both the Estates Officer and Legal Officer and advised that the Callant’s Club would be responsible for the cobble stones and would need to provide public liability insurance for this scheme.  Mr Falla advised that the Gutter Blood Society already had public liability insurance and he would confirm that this would cover the Cobble Stones project.  He also confirmed that the Callant’s club would be responsible for all maintenance and any required replacements in the event of vandalism.



AGREED to approve the request to undertake “The Tweedies” Project in Haylodge Park, subject to confirmation that the required public liability insurance was in place and that the Callant’s Club would be responsible for all future maintenance, replacement or removal if required.



Urgent Business


Under Section 50B(4)(b) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, the Chairman was of the opinion that the item dealt with in the following paragraph should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency, in view of the need to make an early decision.


Haylodge Toilets


The Democratic Services Team Leader advised that the person who maintained the toilets in Haylodge Park had been in touch asking if the toilets should be opened on 1 April as usual.



AGREED that the Haylodge Park Toilets should open for the summer on 1 April 2019.




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