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Welcome and Introductions


Councillor Turnbull welcomed Members, officers and the public to the meeting.  He advised that he had acted as Returning Officer for the Upper Liddesdale and Hermitage Community Council By-Election and congratulated Ms Angela Graham and Mr Steven Hartley who had been elected to the community council unopposed.  






Minute pdf icon PDF 89 KB

Minute of the meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Forum of 16 August 2016 to be approved. (Copy attached).


There had been circulated copies of the Minute of the meeting held on 16 August 2016.   



AGREED to approve the Minute.



Matters Arising from the Minute


With reference to paragraph 2 of the Minute of the Meeting of 16 August, the Chairman advised that Chief Superintendent Marshall was scheduled to attend the November meeting to discuss crime/incident statistics.  With reference to paragraph 7 of the Minute, Councillor Edgar had requested clarification with respect to the bus cuts referred to.  Members discussed the request and agreed that a revised bus service had been implemented and not to pursue at the present time.   With reference to paragraph 8.4 of the Minute, the Chairman advised that the public meeting on the Flood Protection Scheme had been positive and well attended.  Mrs Crew, Chair, Denholm Community Council, added that Denholm Community Councillors had attended the event. 






Presentation: Timber Transport

Presentation by Mr James England, South of Scotland Timber Transport Officer.


The Chairman welcomed Mr James England, South of Scotland Timber Transport Officer, Mr Roland Stiven, National Timber Transport Officer and Mr Brian Young, Network Manager, Scottish Borders Council.   The presentation commenced with a short video which showed the different stages of forestry resource and management over 40 years, from tree planting to harvesting.    Mr Stiven then advised that commercial forestry covered 14% of Scotland (18.5% in the Scottish Borders). In 1976, Scotland had produced 1m tonnes of timber, rising to 7.4m tonnes in 2014, with a gross value of £1bn per annum.  The Scottish Borders had the highest concentration of forestry in the UK, producing one seventh of output.  The industry contributed significantly to the rural economy, employing 25,000 people in Scotland, of which 3,000 were employed from the South of Scotland.  90% of timber was used locally for construction, packing, fencing and landscaping.  Forests planted in the 1970s were now maturing and therefore timber production had increased and, consequently, there had been a substantial increase in timber traffic.  Mr Stiven acknowledged that there were no timber processing facilities located in the Scottish Borders.  However, these facilities were located nearby in Carlisle.  Mr Stiven further advised that timber harvested now, would be restocked as commercial forests, which were typically located in remote areas with poor access.  Therefore, the importance of maintaining and upgrading the road infrastructure would continue.  


Mr England referred to the Scottish Borders Woodland Strategy, one of the key actions of which was to address issues associated with timber transport infrastructure. He went on to advise that there was a National Timber Transport Forum and 11 Regional Timber Transport Groups, including the Scottish Borders Timber Transport Group. The Forum promoted best practice and produced guidance.  The Group included representatives from SBC, Councillors, Police and hauliers.   Mr England explained the route classification for timber transportation.   A/B routes were classified as Agreed Routes which could be used for timber transportation without restriction. Consultation Routes were B roads and minor roads, which had been recognised as being key to timber extraction but which were not up to Agreed Route standard.  Consultation with the Local Authority was required before these routes could be used.  Roads classified as Severely Restricted Routes would not normally be used and consultation with the Council was required to achieve an agreed management regime to avoid land locking of timber.  Finally, excluded routes should not be used for timber transport.  Roads were continually assessed as they improved and categories changed.  A map of the route classification was available on the Borders Timber Transport Group website at


Mr England and Mr Stiven then went on to discuss various initiatives which had been introduced to lessen the impact of timber transportation on the road infrastructure.  For example, working with hauliers to encourage responsible timber haulage; central tyre inflation system (CTI) which allowed the load to be lowered and therefore caused less impact on roads; vehicle tracking with speeds logged, and the ‘Wait a Minute’ campaign, which encouraged  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Traffic Regulation Order - Various Street, Hawick pdf icon PDF 3 MB


To consider report by Service Director Assets and Infrastructure. (Copy attached).


There had been circulated a report by Service Director Asset and Infrastructure proposing to amend the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for Hawick.  Mr Cramb, Assistant Engineer, Traffic and Road Safety,  was in attendance and advised that since the previous amendment in 2014, a number of comments had been collated for proposed amendments.  The report contained those amendments which would aid the movement of traffic within the town.  The amendments had been promoted due to safety concerns or accessibility issues particularly for service buses where vehicles habitually parked.  Amendments were proposed for the following locations:


Albert Road

Anderson Place

Branxholme Road

Bright Street

Buccleuch Street

Burns Road

Cheviot Road

Crumhaugh Road

Drumlanrig Place

Eildon Road

Fraser Avenue

Guthrie Drive

Hamilton Road


Kenilworth Avenue

Linden Crescent


O’Connel Street

Ramsay Road

Renwick Terrace

Silverbuthall Road

St George’s Lane

St Ninian’s Road

Stonefield Place

Queen’s Drive.


The amendment proposed on Eildon Road, to remove a length of no waiting at any time restriction, was due to the fact that this length was not required for Traffic Management or Road Safety reasons. 


In addition amendments were proposed at the following locations due to loading and unloading difficulties that were currently experienced:


Bourtree Place

Earl Street

High Street


Members requested that the TRO included no waiting restrictions at Moat Crescent and further restrictions at Ramsay Road and Renwick Terrace.  The Forum agreed to delegate powers to officers to incorporate these further amendments, if appropriate. 




(a)        the advertising of the proposed amendments as detailed in the Appendices to the report;


(b)       the making of the Order; and


(c)        to delegate powers to the Service Director Assets and Infrastructure to incorporate no waiting restrictions at Moat Crescent and further restrictions at Renwick Terrace and Ramsay Road, if appropriate.



Neighbourhood Small Schemes and Quality of Life pdf icon PDF 166 KB

Consider report by Service Director Neighbourhood Services. (Copy attached).

Additional documents:


With reference to paragraph 4 of the Minute of 20 September 2016, there had been circulated a report by Service Director Neighbourhood Services seeking approval for proposed new Neighbourhood Small Schemes and Quality of Life Schemes from the Area Forum.  The following Neighbourhood Small Schemes had been requested for consideration by Teviot and Liddesdale Members: install handrail at O’Connell Street, Hawick; Carry out additional weed control on Hawick High Street; cut back trees at Mart Street, Hawick; prepare and paint “welcome to” signs at Newcastleton; re-line car park bays at Mayfield Drive and Bothwell Court, Hawick. 


The following Quality of Life Scheme had also been requested for consideration by Teviot and Liddesdale Members: Supply and install handrail at link path between McLagan Drive and Burnfoot Road, Hawick.



(a)        AGREED the following new Neighbourhood Small Schemes for implementation:-


            (i)         Install handrail at O’Connell Street, Hawick                                   £ 580

            (ii)        Carry out additional week control on Hawick High Street            £ 140

            (iii)       Cut back trees on Mark Street, Hawick                                           £ 615

            (iv)       Prepare and paint “welcome to” signs at Newcastleton; and      £ 296

            (v)        Re-line car park bays at Mayfield Drive and Borthwell Court,

                        Hawick                                                                                               £1,000


(b)       AGREED the supply and installation of a handrail on the linking path between McLagan Drive and Burnfoot Road, Hawick at a cost of £3,410 under the Quality of Life Scheme.


(c)        NOTED:-

(i)         the updates on previously approved Neighbourhood Small Schemes as detailed in Appendix A to the report; and

(ii)        the updates on previously approved Quality of Life Schemes as detailed in Appendix B to the report.            



Police Scotland pdf icon PDF 105 KB

Update report by Police Inspector detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Teviot and Liddesdale area. (To follow).


There had been circulated a report from Inspector Carol Wood, Police Scotland. Sergeant Quinn, was in attendance and highlighted the ward priorities from the report.  With regard to the Drug Dealing and Misuse priority, he advised that through intelligence gathered, operations had been carried out against people and premises involved in drug dealing and misuse, as detailed in the report.  Police Scotland would remain visible in the community and continue to work with partners combining education and enforcement strategies.   With regard to the road safety priority Community Officers had been trained in the use of speed guns.  They had used these to detect drivers for speeding whilst deterring other forms of antisocial driving.  The camera safety vehicle had also been utilised at various locations.    Sergeant Quinn went on to discuss the Violent Crime priority and highlighted the robbery at Millersknowes and an incident of threatening behaviour and vandalism in Ramsay Road. The Antisocial behaviour priority was then discussed; Sergeant Quinn advised that there had been three fixed penalty notices issued and three police warnings given during August.   


The Forum then went on to discuss the racist incidents detailed in the report.  These had varied from inappropriate stickers placed in windows to comments made to Eastern European residents.  Many of the offences committed had been conducted by youths.  Officers were working with schools to ensure education measures were taking place. 

Members were unanimous in their support of initiatives that reinforced that racism would not be tolerated.  Sergeant Quinn concluded his report by advising that if any person felt at risk or they felt that someone else was at risk they should not hesitate to call 999.






Scottish Fire & Rescue Service pdf icon PDF 255 KB

Update report by Russell Bell, Station Commander, detailing ongoing work and initiatives in the Teviot and Liddesdale Area. (To follow).


Station Manager, Russell Bell, Hawick Fire Station presented information on response and resilience activities for the month of August 2016. An update report had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Mr Bell advised that there had been two house fires, two open fire occurrences (one woodland and one outdoor structure), four special service with one fatality and 13 unwanted fire alarm signals. The swift water rescue training had been completed and they were waiting to go ‘live’ to meet the needs of the community.   Mr Bell went on to discuss the out of hospital cardiac arrest trial and advised that since the trial began, survival rates and increased by 23%.  In answer to a question Mr Bell confirmed that it was the intention to roll out the scheme throughout Scotland. 



NOTED the report.




Open Questions

Opportunity for members of the public to raise any issues not included on the agenda.


Sergeant Quinn was asked to investigate the issues with cars speeding on Liddesdale Road and Ladywell Road.   Councillor McAteer advised that the Building Control had inspected the fence at the tyre factory and had been in contact with the owners.  Councillor McAteer further advised that environmental control were dealing with the rat problem at the school picnic area.   It was noted that redundant unused sites were becoming a problem in Hawick.






Community Council Spotlight

Consider matters of interest to Community Councils.


Community Councillor Gwen Crew (Denholm) advised that there were still two vacancies on the Community Council.  They had been delighted that the boundary changes were no longer proceeding and thanked Members for their support.  Mrs Crew referred to the unsatisfactory consultation process carried out by the Boundary Commission and hoped that lessons would be learnt for future consultations.


Community Councillor Marion Short (Hawick) reported that Hawick had achieved second place in the Floral Gateway’s Large Town category.  One comment from the judges was the need for local businesses to participate by providing floral displays. Perryman’s buses had been attending Community Council meetings and this had been constructive.  The Sports Development Officer would be attending their next meeting.  There would also be representatives attending from the Leisure Centre, Amey and Transport Scotland.


Community Councillor I Robson, Upper Teviot and Borthwick Water, praised the community police officer and reported that there had been no recent rural thefts during the summer.  There had been concern that a joy rider had been in the area, his vehicle had gone off the road and been abandoned.  The landowner had to pay for removal of the vehicle.  There had been three sites identified for location of defibrillators and volunteers would be trained in their use as soon as possible.  They had identified core paths for maintenance and with the assistance of SBC’s Senior Access Officer were pursuing grants to move forward with improvements.   


Community Councillor Barbara Elborn (Newcastleton) advised that they were still awaiting final confirmation of the position for the bus shelter.  Scottish Water had been consulted regarding an overflowing street drain that was causing concern. The Council’s Environmental Health department were investigating.    Two digital forums were planned which would focus on broadband and mobile phone coverage. 


Community Councillor Robert Scott (Upper Liddesdale and Hermitage Community Council) advised that been three resignations, two of which had been filled.  An emergency meeting had been scheduled to discuss the removal of the telephone box.






Date of next Teviot and Liddesdale Area Forum Meeting

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 at 6.30 pm in the Lesser Hall, Town Hall, Hawick.


The next meeting of the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Forum was scheduled for Tuesday, 15 November 2016 at 6.30 pm in the Lesser Hall







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